I kind of forgot about the whole betting thing

Ok, I kind of slacked on the whole weekly NFL picks, but I’m back and ready to make some amazing picks that are guaranteed* to make you money.  My crazy awesome picks will be bold.

10/31 1:00 ET San Francisco
(At London)
-2.5 Denver 41
10/31 1:00 ET At Dallas -6.5 Jacksonville 43.5
10/31 1:00 ET At Detroit -2.5 Washington 44.5
10/31 1:00 ET At NY Jets -6 Green Bay 42
10/31 1:00 ET At St. Louis -2.5 Carolina 37
10/31 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -1 Miami 44
10/31 1:00 ET At Kansas City -7 Buffalo 45
10/31 4:05 ET At San Diego -4.5 Tennessee 44.5
10/31 4:15 ET At Arizona -3 Tampa Bay 39.5
10/31 4:15 ET At Oakland -2.5 Seattle 42
10/31 4:15 ET At New England -5.5 Minnesota 44
10/31 8:20 ET At New Orleans -1.5 Pittsburgh 44.5

Monday Night Football Line

11/1 8:35 ET At Indianapolis -5.5 Houston 51

If I had to actually put money on any of these games I would put fifty bucks on Denver to cover against San Fran, 25 bucks on Greenbay to cover against the Jets, and 25 on oakland to cover against seattle.  I am so confident with these picks that if you bet these games and loose, I will refund your lost money. **

But how has my other betting system worked out over the last several weeks? Well if you would have picked all the under dogs last week (week 7) you would have gone 10-4 which is pretty awesome.  How about week 6?  Boom: 6-6-2 …. wow good job Vegas.  Week 5 =  9-5.  Week 4’s record of  10-4 is also crazy awesome.  Using the underdog system would give you a 7 week record of:


That’s actually fairly astounding and makes me wonder why I’m not actually betting this system on Bodog or some other site.  From here on out I think I’m going to start to track four things instead of just three.   Right now I track my picks where I pick someone in every game, I also track picks where I’m very confident  and would consider betting, and then also tracking the underdog picks.  So what if I add another layer and pick all underdogs but exclude maybe two, three, or four games where I think the underdog has no chance.  If I look at this week I would have to choose …. probably none, ok lets say the bills… but not really… actually this is a stupid idea and i’m probably not going to track this since after cleavland destroyed the saints it’s hard to ever say that an underdog has no chance.  blah blah blah something something any give sunday yadda yadda yadda.

Ok, getting ready to watch the games in a couple minutes, so I’ll probably do some live blogging from home today as I watch … the dolphins v bengals and lions v redskins???  shit I don’t care about either of those games.  I guess I’ll be watching NFL.com as Troy Smith will try and lead the niners to a victory across the pond.

The next Joe Montana, Steve Young, or Jeff Garcia???? no.

Oh well at least the Vikings V Patriots should be good at 4.

* any “guarantees” are made in jest and the statements contained in this post are for entertainment purposes only.
** Nope. No I won’t.


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