What I’m working on

Since I don’t have a job or much of a life right now, I need to find something to keep me busy or I would probably spend all day watching internet porn and beating off to the point of exhaustion on a near constant basis.  So Below I’ve listed all the stuff I’m doing on a daily basis.

Job Hunting:

Not much to really add to this category, but you would be surprised how much it consumes in terms of my time and pride.

Microsoft Certification Training:

There are many different Microsoft Certifications.  Right now I am studying the Sequel 2008 (a.k.a 70-432) certification.  The training DVD I’m using has about 25 hours of instruction on it, and I try to cover an hour a day.  If I take the test and pass I would then get the MCTS in Sequel 2008 Database Administration.  After that I could study 70-450 and take the test for the MCITP in Sequel 2008.  Supposedly this certification is one of the better paying certifications but who the hell knows.  Chances are most of those people who are paid well who have the MCITP also have a MCSE for some older versions of SQL, as well as some Oracle certifications.  I’m hoping to take the test by the beginning of December or maybe late November.


I use to have a couple of TNG sites (thumbnail Gallery) that at times started to make fairly ok money when I actually would put some effort into them.  I kind of loss interest in them and the money slowly started to dry up over time.  After my last foray into porn, I found out that the sites I made the most money off of were the pay per view movie websites and webcam websites.  The pay per view (ppv) sites are based around having an online inventory of almost every pornstar and almost every major and minor porn movie available for streaming viewing.  The customer buys a block of time like 500 minutes for twenty dollars, and then after they watch 500 minutes of porno they hopefully re-buy.  These sites performed fairly well I think because it was appealing to people who only wanted to watch 4 or 5 minutes of a movie without having to pay for the whole movie (either physical DVD or downloadable full movie) and allowed them to have access to tens of thousands of movies without any delay.  Then when the user ran out of minutes they often would renew a few times since it didn’t cost a lot and got a lot of minutes.  Basically it is perfectly designed for why people look at internet porn… to look at something hot while masturbating for three or four minutes and then turning off the porn and going back to being a productive member of society.

The webcam sites also performed well but for very different reasons.  While the PPV was good for people who wanted to get in and out quickly, the webcam sites were good performers because it appealed to people who wanted to interact with hot women who they would normally never be able to talk to.  Basically most cam sites operate where you either buy minutes in advance, similar to the ppv sites, or you pay as you go and have a credit card on file that is debited at the end of each webcam session.  The other big advantage that webcam sites have is that many are starting to feature big name pornstars and internet models instead of the usual hot chick that now makes more money doing this than stripping…. which they probably use to do.

My goal with the new site(s) was to design the site around directing traffic to these two types of sites (ppv and webcam).  So I signed up for an affiliate acount with three of the biggest webcam sites and took a look at which pornstars/internet models are currently listed on their site.  Many of the pornstars that are on one site are also on another which is better for me since it allows more linking opportunities.  Once I identified the models who are offering webcam shows I then went and bought up a ton of cheap .info domain names.  a dot com name cost 8 bucks with the cheapest registrar and 11 bucks with godaddy.  dot info names only cost 99 cents with bulk registration.  So instead of buying 17 dot com domains and paying 187 for a bunch of mix matched domain names that have the pornstar’s names in them, i bought 17 names for 17 bucks that all have the same format pornstarnameonline.info

The problem is that the names aren’t designed for people to remember them and go to them directly.  Those type of sites are great but it is really hard to find a good domain name like that…. like pokersoftly.  So instead each domain name is designed to attract people who are searching for one specific pornstar from a search engine like google, bing, or yahoo.  Once there they can view a shit ton of galleries both hosted on my site, linked to the pornstar’s official site (where i have an affiliate account if they sign up), or gallery on another multi star gallery site.  The purpose for linking to multi star gallery sites is that although they are competitors in a sense linking to sites with similar content improves your search engine rankings.

So far I have one site completed with twenty or so galleries at: EvaAngelinaOnline.info … which is obviously not safe for work.

btw, this is what Eva Angelina looks like:


She is very near sighted.... and slutty


I’m trying to get one or two sites mostly completed each day, although some of the next steps is to load ppv video links to the multiple galleries and then to create links on each site linking to all the other ones as well as maybe remaking pokersoftly so that it links to all of these sites and becomes a money maker.

Catching up on movies and TV:

The nice thing about working on those porn sites is that it doesn’t take a lot of concentration.  While I spent about 10 hours getting the Eva Angelina site up and running, I was able to watch the episodes of The Even, East bound and Down, and South park I had missed as well as trying out a show on showtime called Brotherhood that I had never heard of before but seems to be ok.  Nothing amazing, just ok.  Oh and Dexter and Rubicon.  I thought Rubicon was over for the season but I guess there is one more episode this season… or maybe more, who knows.  I guess I should admit that it has gotten more exciting lately, although it would have been nearly impossible to make it less exciting.

I also downloaded Johnah Hex and stoped watching after 20 minutes cause the volume on the copy is turned down way too low.  I’m going to have to play it on my home theater/desktop computer.  I also downloaded get him to the greek, wall street, and Jesse Jane all american Girl…. look this new laptop has a high def screen so I wanted to download a high def movie and when you google high def movie it is one of the first results you see… when you add in the words Jesse and Jane.

Next movie I want to download is RED, which looks awesome.  Bruce Willis, Helen Miran, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkeovich as retired hit men?????? awesome. Almost as awesome as an oldwestern hooker version of Megan Fox…. which is the main reason i’m going to go watch the rest of Johna Hex right now.


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