Sunday night football live blog

The niners are playing the Eagels on Sunday Night football tonight so I thought I’d do some live blogging like I did several weeks ago.

I love that the new niners O cordornator is named Mike Johnson cause it sounds like they are riding the shit out of me at the begining of this game.

Good first drive by the niners that was started with a big return by Ted Ginn Jr…. shit Al michaels literally just said what I just wrote. What a dick head.

It was a good drive but once again, it really didn’t have a lot of plays down the field.  I am happy to see that Crabtree is really starting to get his role defined in the offense as a go to guy in not just clutch situations but also on first and second down as well.  I’m not saying he’s going to be the next Rice or Owens but I wouldn’t mind him being the next John Taylor.


yes, I think he will be the next John Taylor from Duran Duran... oh you thought I mean the niner's receiver from the 80s?


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this but I do hate Kevin Kolb for no apparent reason.  It’s an irrational hatred, but that doesn’t mean it is any less real.

What the F, one of the niners has a huge ass face tattoo. Like it puts Mike Tyson’s to shame.  I’m surprised the dude doesn’t have spikes on his shoulder pads and yells “ooooohhhhhhhhh what a rush”.

Another week and another week with Leshawn McCoy walking into the endzone untouched cause his line men are holding (and get the flag thrown on them) and starts celebrating himself.  You are an asshole…. probably.  Maybe not as bad as Kevin Kolb who i’m sure takes out his anger on his cats and dogs.

Ok we HAVE to stop glorifying losers in our society.  Right now they are airing that commercial with the …. indian??? pakistani??? looking college kid who is locked out of his room cause his much more awesome roomate is getting some hot coed tail.  So the loser is like “Hey I don’t care about pussy because I have windows 7 and it lets me record TV shows, and it is not at all sad that at the end of this commercial it is dark in the hallway and it looks like i’ve submitted to the fact that I will have to sleep out here.”

Seriously loser, maybe you can’t get any ass, but don’t you have any friends that you could crash with while your kick ass room mate is having a sweaty marathon sexcapade?

BTW, gore fumbled and I hate that, but I have to admit that it was almost comical how the ball came shooting up in the air.  It was like a god damn bottle rocket.

Kevin Kolb thinks that Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya.

Kevin Kolb has nothing against black people, and thinks that everyone should own one.

Kevin Kolb’s favorite Disney movie is Song of the South.

Kevin Kolb’s favorite athlete was Ty Cobb and Jon Rocker.

Chris and Al are talking about me again.  The think I’m better than Jimmy Raye.  At least that’s what I gathered from the story.  Oh good follow up to that story is two straight plays for a total of five yards and a chorus of Boooooooossssssss from the crowd for shitty conservative calls.   WOW they just had a big pass for twenty yards on a third and one, and the very next play is a two yard draw play.  Oh awesome, and now they get an illegal formation.  Good fundamentals.   And was that a planned run by Alex Smith. No i guess not. wow, another draw attempt.

aaaaannnnnnddddd I guess that’s why they don’t air it out more.  Still, I’d rather see a few more underthrows into single or double coverage deep down the field than six or seven play drives that only gain 15 or 20 yards and end with a punt.  Jesus, It actually looks like Alex Smith is on the side lines arguing with the guy holding the photo of the last play and trying to explain why his throw totally made sense.  Maybe that’s not what the conversation is, but I’m something of an expert on body language.

Ted Ginn’s punt return was both awesome and terrible at once.

This game is depressing I’m going to start to day dream about my favorite pornstars, you know the ones who are slutty… obviously, but are also hot and not just in a porno kind of way.

Carmen Luvana

I actually heard someone bitch about that new show comming out where they make over poor schools…. who the hell would ever think fixing up a school is a bad idea.  Especially when it is a TV show paying for it and not a poor school district.  Wow, another 10 to 20 yard throw by Alex Smith that was pretty good. Maybe we should do more of those.

Jesus those Burger King breakfast commercials blow.

The niners D would be insane if they were just a little bit more mature and the niners O was able to move the ball more and eat more clock.  Haha, i almost typed “eat more cock” cause i’m looking for pics of Gina Ryder since I think she would fall under that hot pornstar that isn’t just slutty like Carmen Luvana, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding pics where she’s not naked of have a cock in her mouth…. here’s a few though and they don’t really do justice.

Damn, I’m starting to really like Crabtree.  God I feel bad for him and Davis.  I wonder how many times Singeltary has thought about calling Jeff Garcia to see when his CFL is over.

Nice kick Joe “old man river” Neddney.

The niners better run a play quick before they change who recovered that ball.  Ughhhhhhhh almost a good throw by Alex smith to Davis, but not quite.  Once again, the niners make a good play to get the turnover but then don’t execute properly and miss out on a quick easy three points. sad…. so sad.

The Event isn’t really that good.  The commercials actually make me hate the show even though it’s ok.  Just ok, not amazin, like the previews pretend.  NBC is full of god damn liars.

ummmmmmmm I was going to upload more pics of hot yet possibly beautiful pornstars but it’s just way too hard to find pics where they aren’t naked or extremely naked.  So if you want to google image search some hot bitches go look up Zuzana Drabinova, Codi Milo, Renata Daninsky, Erica Campbell, and Aria Giovanni.  Technically the last two have never done actual porn just a shit load of softcore and solo stuff, but whatever, they are all sluts…. well except for Erica Campbell since she found jesus and quit modeling….. stupid jesus ruining everything.


that's Erica Campbell.... GO FUCK YOURSELF JESUS!!!!


Ok Chris Collinsworth, stop saying “Well for anyone who wanted to see him get it down the field, there you go” because both times you’ve said that, was after Kolb threw deep down the field but the ball was only caught cause the reciever and defender out ran the under thrown ball and the receiver made a good adjustment and the niners defender didn’t know what to do.

aaaannnnnddddd gore has another fumble.

Ok good D on fourth down niners.  Now i’m sure it will just be a simple matter of marching down the field and scoring a TD.  I’m sure that it won’t end in a soul crushing turnover or an unenthusiastic three and out.  Oh this has nothing to do with anything but …. they just showed half a minute from an SNL skit and I lost my train of thought.  btw, I was right about the three and out.

Oh I remember now, Margita Haskerty … you know, Jane Mansfield’s daughter that is the hot chick on Law and Order SVU, yeah… she’s hot.  That’s all I wanted to say.  There was a preview for the next SVU episode and I just thought about how hot she is and how sad it is that she’s only ever had one topless pic taken…. which was awesome.  Nope, I don’t care about her acting at all.  Ok heres the link to her nude pic if uyou were interested:  BLACKANDWHITEBOOBS


yep... they are real, and look even better out of that bikini, just google her name and add the word oil in there and make sure no one will be around you and the computer for three or four minutes


And since we are on the subject…. Another Erica Campbell pic i found… while searching for the law and order chick for some reason.

Every single good pass Alex Smith makes is followed by a comment by Chris Collins worth noticing that there was a more wide open guy further down the field.

shit.  That last fumble was a pure Trent Dilfer when he was with Tampa play.

Holy God that series was bad.  I’ve never heard niner fans boo that much.  In fact they hardly ever boo.  It just goes to show how frustrated they are.  Yep, I think chris and Al are right, if Alex doesn’t get points on this drive it’s his last.

god Damn Vernon Davis is awesome.

TD, Alex Smith just saved his job for a little while longer, also, Davis really came through for Smith.

Ok now the niners need to pressure the shit out of kolb.  The niners secondary really isn’t that good so giving Kolb a lot of time now that he’s feeling comfortable  isn’t a good thing.

Damn, nice hustle by whatever eagels player that was.

Wow, Good job by Smith on that TD, but when you are at the one yard line why don’t you run the ball since you have a QB that is kind of shakey?  I think it was a great test of Smith’s ability in crunch time and preassure.

Great catch by davis.  damn, gore had soooo much room. oh well good d by eagels.

nothing Alex could do on that last throw… except throw it away and try again on fourth down.

Ok the niners are 0 and 5.  They are three games back of Arizona.  The niners have a lot of winnable games left, but there are a bunch where they are going to be underdogs, so the three games with only 11 left to play is going to be near impossible to over come.  The thing is, it’s not just about winning now and making up those three games.  You are 0 and 5 for a reason.  If Alex smith can put together a complete game, he would be great, but never has, and probably can’t.

Oh fuck Kevin Kolb.


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