I found out that my old blog that I kept between most of 05 and part of 06 is still online and I some how remembered the password…. probably because I always use the same password for everything: “H@nshot1st”  See its a good password cause it is a mix of upper case and lowers case letters as well as numbers and symbols. Plus it is a funny star wars reference.

Really? No one gets the reference…. fuck you guys and your star wars hatred and your corresponding ability to have sex with women.

Ok back to the point of this update; I exported all of the posts from the old blog and imported them into here.  Well 76 out of the 82 posts at least.  I’m not sure why they all didn’t come over, but I really just didn’t care that much.

Since i’m narcissistic I will probably read through all my old posts over the next day and a half and then make a new posts with all my favorite Mike Johnson circa 2005 quotes.


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