Undercovers makes me think i’m racist

So when I saw the previews for NBC’s Undercovers I immediately thought two things; 1. Hey it’s a more ethnically diverse Mr and Mrs Smith. 2. God Damn I love Sharon Leal.  I’m not sure if the first thought is slightly racist or not, but after looking up the show on IMDB I think the second statement might be.  It turns out the hot black chick with the Angelina DSL mouth is not Sharon Leal.  She’s Gugu Mbatha Raw.  After some exhaustive internet research (i.e I beat off to the point of exhaustion) I found the following two pictures that I think show that they look similar.

Sharon Leal = Hot

MGR also = Hot

Ok and then two more where they look less similar.

gugu hotness

leal hotness

and two where they look like two entirely separate people…. probably because they are.

leal BOOBS!!!!!!!

MGR soooo.... what the hell?

Here’s the thing.   I hearted Leal back when she was on Boston Public with Rashida Jones. Sadly the show ended before they were ever able to make out on the show… which was probably never supposed to be a story line, but would have been the best thing to happen to the world ever.  She really hasn’t done much of anything since then… or maybe she has but I just didn’t notice, so when I saw the previews and saw a chick that kind of looked like her I just kind of assumed it was her and ran with it.  I should point out that someone wrote an article discussing the same mistake I made.
Ok fine, the article isn’t actually about the similarities between MGR and Leal but there was a couple of comments posted that fans commented on their similarities. Ok, maybe not a couple, but just one…. and the comment just said that they should have gone with someone more mainstream like Leal or Kerry Washington.
Wait a minute check out this pic of Kerry Washington:

I think she got naked in Last king of Scottland.. i didn't mean naked, I meant ... did a good job acting, I don't only remember women's acting roles when they get nekkid

Ok, I’m sorry she looks like Leal and MGR there too. Is it still racist if I think all black chicks look the same BUT I think that they are all also hot?   I hate my cracker ass.  In my own defense, here is an IMDB discussion board where a bunch of people talk about how Sharon Leal and Kerry Washington look alike: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0495095/board/thread/86703937
Also to further illustrate my point, below is a bunch of random pics of the three chicks and you have to figure out which are which.










Answers are after the jump.

after I downloaded the images and loaded them onto this blog post, I had to research google images for the original so i could figure out who is who.  I’m either reinforcing my bigotry or further justifying my thought that they look alike.  BTW I actually liked the pilot episode of Undercovers.  I was surprised with how funny I found it and really liked the interaction between the couple which seemed natural and playfull and not forced and cliche.
a = GMR
b = Leal
c = Leal
e = washington
f = leal
g = GMR
h = washington
I = leal

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