Season & Series Premiers

There were a bunch of series and season premiers so far this month.  Here is my rundown on some of them.

Sons of Anarchy

I like that this season (the first three episodes or so) are starting to really show the sons as being a negative influence on the town and the town finally starting to get sick of their shit.  So far this year some innocent hot dominican nurse was killed (and yes, she was innocent in my opinion since she was just trying to bring a suspected murderer to justice) some innocent kid at a funeral was killed by stray gun shots, and Hale was also killed when the drive by van ran over him thirty seven times.

At some point the Sons have to look at what affect they’re activity is having on those around them and really think about whether it is all worth it.  This may or may not escalate since the main storyline is Jax getting his kid back.  And now that i’m thinking about it, can someone explain to me why you don’t give the kid back, especially now that you’ve killed the guy who stole the kid and started this shit storm in first place.  There most be some reason behind this that I’m missing but who cares it’s SOA.


I like the show so far (only caught the first two episodes) but thought there would be a little more comedy in it.  I do kind of want to hate this show since it has some similarities to the show i want to write but who cares.  The highlight so far is that the one dudes girlfriend had a button down shirt on and all the buttons were open and you could almost see some tit. oh well maybe next week.

Boardwalk Empire

My favorite new show. I’ve already written a bunch about this, but how did I miss the guest spot by gretchen Mol in the last episode. JESUS IS SHE HOT, but I didn’t recognize her somehow.  Seriously, google her nude scenes right now. You won’t be disappointed.

Google me NOW!!!


So this season chuck is looking for his mom who happens to be Sarah Conner.  Honestly if Quantum leap and Terminator 1 and 2 chick are your parents, shouldn’t you have more self confidence than Chuck Bartowski?  So there’s a new Buy More that now has Olivia Munn working there… so that’s AWESOME… hopefully, and chuck is back to being a spy and Chuck’s sister is preggers, and we didn’t see Awesome for some reason.  Meh.

I should point out that the music that they used in the season premier was really off at certain points.  Like the music editor/creator was totally just mailing it in.  Also, they had Dolph Lundgren on as a bad guy and they had him use a bunch of his Rocky IV catch phrases which should have been cool if they hadn’t ham fisted them into scenes where they didn’t belong.

Oh and here’s another thing…. so the ring was thwarted at the end of last season… although I don’t actually remember that, and I know it’s just a fun spy show but can we please get a little bit of background on why there are all these evil organizations in the world.  Afterall, no one thinks that they are evil.  Bad guys have very specific reasons for doing what they do, and almost never is it just “doing stuff that’s evil cause I’m evil, and evil stuff is awesome to me.”  I can’t see this show lasting another full year after this one, just cause there’s no where the story lines can go.

The Event

So Lost and Flash Forward got drunk one night, hooked up, and nine months later, Flash Forward gave up it’s bastard child of a show to NBC who named it The Event. I like how NBC’s marketing department keep talking about how everyone who saw the first episode is asking “where’d the plane go.”  But to be fair NBC marketing people, the only people actually asking that are people who work at NBC or media critics and bloggers who have nothing better than do than to hope this becomes a big deal like Lost, which it wont.

Oh and three things about this show that I think have to be said.  The guy from boy meets world that was on the plane trying to stop his future father in law from crashing the plane, sounds like a whinny bitch in every scene.  I’m not saying his dialog is whinny or bitchy, i’m saying his voice is effeminate and irksome.   The guy who was trying to stop the plane with his SUV is the worst combination of bad acting, terrible logic, over used catchphrases and cliches, and general awfulness that you could possibly throw together when making a character.  He tried to out run a plane with a Chevy Trailblazer… actually does it… yells at the plane to “Bring it”… then just pussys out and doesn’t save the day by ramming his car into the planes engine or wheels like someone trying to stop a terrorist plot would have done.  And finally, the president has the worse secret service in the history of television drama secret service.  It was like they learned the first 5 out of the 7 steps needed to evacuate the president from a compromised location.  They actually had him in the limo ready to leave and then they all just stood around staring at the plane… for a full TWO minutes instead of driving away.

I will not be watching the rest of this series, I don’t think.

shit my dad says

i love the actual twitter account that this show is based on but I heard the show is bull shit.  I’ll still peep it at some point to see if I like it.


Still awesome, and i like how they resolved the issues from last season…. AND Poked fun of Shit My Dad Says.  They totally clowned this shit out of that show even before it was on TV… or maybe just after it was on. honestly I don’t know when the other show airs.  Regardless it was great.  Also great? Annie. I’d destroy her and I think Jeff should do that.

30 Rock

Still love this show, and I’m loving the guests spots by Matt Damon.  He is so underrated as a comedic actor.

The Office

The prank Jim was going to pull off was fantastic. …. um other stuff happened too that was funny, but really I’m just watching for the awesome pranks just like they did in the first several seasons.


Hear it was good and then a day later heard it was cancelled.  I think i’ll download it and then I’ll be the judge.  You know, the judge of whether it is good or not.  I’m not going to judge if it has been cancelled since that is more of a yes no thing, and not really open to judgment or debate.


I made a bunch of predictions about this season last night and i’m sure at least a few come true, but I haven’t watch the season premier yet.  Maybe tonight i’ll scope it out.


There’s two things I can say about this show without actually having seen the first episode. First: this could be the next Parks and Rec, starting out slow and then building steam week by week till it becomes a big hit.  Second: That was not at all an original thought, and was something I read on another blog.

I think it should be pointed out that most of the NBC Thursday night comedies took that path.  The office was almost cancelled before it really took off mostly on word of mouth and rave reviews from critics.  Community was a big hit at first but quickly got popular thanks to almost every internet blog commenting on it’s awesomeness.  Parks, blah blah blah.  Basically with all of these shows, it takes a little while till you really start to like all of the characters and really start to enjoy the humor they put out.  Kind of like if you tried to join a new group of friends.  Chances are they would seem funnier two years down the road when you are use to them, compared to how funny you thought they were the first week or two you hung out with them.


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