NFL week two betting results

Without taking too close of a look I already know I sucked ass this week with my picks.  My biggest weakness in my picks was letting week 1 surprises affect my decisions for week two.   Some teams came back kto earth, and some played up to the level they were predicted to be at all season. Sooooo i sucked.

I went 4 – 11 – 1 in week two games betting who i thought would win the point spread.  In the games I would have actually betted on if I was betting I would have lost the fifty on NE, 25 on NO and 25 on Seattle and won fifty on KC. So I would be down fifty for this week and even for the year overall. 

If I had bet all underdogs where the line was less than 10 points I would have gone 9 – 4 – 1  which is way better than i did picking myself.  Ok, I need to step up my game for next week. Well at least i’m winning in most of my fantasy football leagues. whooooooo!!!!


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