Boardwalk Empire ROCKS!!!!!

Last night was the premier of Boardwalk Empire.  I’m currently working on another blog post about all the premiers in September, but this premier was sooooo money I can’t wait to put it in another post.

Before I launch into all the awesomeness of the 1st episode, let me first note all the things that made me excited to watch it.

Omar Little plays Chalky White:

I don’t know what type of character Chalky is supposed to be, but from what I read, he’s supposed to be the leader of the black community in AC during the 20s.  Honestly, I don’t care if they make him into a 1920’s Omar little.  Hell, he can even do the whistling and talk about “The Game” in every scene and I would still love it.

Martin Scorsese is directing the first episode and does other stuff too:

"I'm going to try something new this time... hahahah just joking, lets do something with gangsters again."

I’m not sure what his full involvment is with the show, but can you ever think of something with Scorsese name attached that didn’t end up reeking of epic awesomeness? Fuck you, Shutter Island was kind of good. I liked it. Ok yeah I saw the ending coming a mile away but, you know what, let’s see you make a better movie.

It has Gangsters, Old Timey references, boot legging, Atlantic City, and Mister Pink:

Mr Pinks one weakness is his tendency to walk slow when in larger groups.

If you never saw Reservoir Dogs then chances are you have lived a sheltered and shitty existence.  Go out to your local Red Box and rent it now…. and then when you find out that they don’t have one, try and remember if there are any Blockbusters still in existence in your state, and then just go home and download it off of a torrent site.  Mr Pink (a.k.a Steve Bushemi) is always awesome at every role he plays. He’s like the Martin Scorsese of actors.  So having him headline a show will be great especially if they really let him cut loose with his character.

So that sums up the main reasons I was excited to see this show.  Now lets get into what made the first episode last night so crazy awesome.

  • Steve Bushemi’s character was a perfect mix of that loserly brilliance from Big Lebowski and Fargo, and that hard edge intimidating scariness from Reservoir Dogs and Fargo.  At times he’s a lovable loser like when his man servant ruins a sex scene with some chick with epic boobage, and then she won’t let him into the bathroom to change.  Then he has the moments of good dialog where he lets you know he’s not a push over like when he told Lucky Lucianno to let the adults talk, and told his Jimmy to read a fucking book.  Then there’s a few scenes that remind you of the good old bat shit crazy Buschemi like when he slams the wife beaters head into the craps table, and when he tells Jimmy he could have him killed.
  • Just like Mad Men, this show does a great job of emercing you in a period drama.  Yes there are times, like in Mad Men where they spoon feed you a peice of history, like the International Jew, but usually it’s done to help you identify with what is likely shaping the thoughts and emotions of the characters from that period.
  • Very, VERY, realistic violence.  I’ve never seen a TV show, or even movie, that actually shows a realistic depiction of what a close range shot gun blast does.
  • How many other people got excited when the one character nonchalantly introduced himself as Al Capone.  I’ve never seen anything with Al Capone before he was big time.
  • I hate to belabor a point, but that one chicks boobs, were F ing $$$$$$$$. I thin her name is Paz De La Huerta and although she has a somewhat scary face, her body is really awesome, especially when sweaty, naked, and ontop of Steve Buchemi… although maybe better if you take out that last part.
  • Omar Little / Chalk White brief cameo was just enough to get me by until next episode where i’m sure he’ll rip off a liquor stash house and then try to sell it back to Nucky at half price.
  • That wife beater got beat down with a pair of brass knuckles and dropped in the ocean.

Ok those are the main things.  I’m sure I’ll write some more in a couple days about this newly minted crazy awesome show.


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