Season 1 of the Wire subtle highlights.

One of the reasons i’ve watched the Wire so many times (at least three times the whole way through so far) is that you pick up new things every time you watch it.  Below I’ve listed some of the subtle things I noticed on this viewing that I didnt’ notice the first time through or at least gained a deeper appreciation for it.

Landsman betting McNulty $10 against a $20 he’s riding a boat

I think I caught this one the first time I watched it, but I still love the fact that they were able to look that far ahead in the show.  If you missed it, early in the first season Bunk, Landsman, and Jimmy are talking about where they wouldn’t want to end up if they got screwed over and Jimmy says he wouldn’t want to be in the marine unit cause the diesel fumes make him sick.  Then at the end of Season 1 you see that’s where he’s been detailed.

Lester telling Jimmy that when the bosses ask him where he doesn’t want to go, just keep your mouth shut.

Jimmy buys Lester a drink after figuring out that he is “real police” and lester explains that he was asked where he didn’t want to end up and he said the pawn shop unit which is where they stuck him.  In the last episode Rawls asks Jimmy where he doesn’t want to go, and Jimmy just sits there and smiles.  I just love the smirk on Jimmy’s face.

The look on Jimmy’s face when Daniels says he knows Dee Dee.

When the wire guys pick up the Senatorial aid with a bunch of cash and are holding him in Daniel’s Office, Daniel’s walks over to the Kima, Carver, and Jimmy to find out what’s going on.  They explain the situation and then Daniels says “I know that guy”.  If you watch, you can see that McNulty gives Daniels a real suspicious look that no one else does.  This is cause McNulty knows about the FBI investigation into Daniels back when he was in the Eastern… or Western… wherever he may have done some corrupt stuff.

They use the phone sex call.

Remember when Poot was having phone sex and then later talked about Wallace and McNulty said good luck coming up with probable cause.  Well, they didn’t end up using it in the case officially but were able to use it to help turn D’Angelo by playing the part where Poot talks about Wallace.

The look on Carver’s face when Daniel’s says they aren’t touching the stash house.

Once you know that Carver is the new snitch to Burrell, and you re-watch the scene where Daniels tells the team that the bosses want dope on the table and are raiding every possible target, you get to see an interesting surprised look on Carver’s face when Daniels says they are not telling the higher ups about the stash house.  Everyone else has this relieved or some what happy look, but carver looks kind of shocked.  I could also make a second entry on Carver jumping Herc on the Sargent’s list, and you figure out later it is because Burell helped him out for being the snitch, but I think that one was a little obvious.

Waylon telling bubbels about hitting rock bottom

This is way more subtle.  Waylon is that former drug addict that now helps with the NA meetings and chats up Bubs in the pit.  Waylon was down there trying to help his nephew get clean but he tells bubbels that it won’t work cause the kid hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.  This is only interesting cause even though bubs gets clean for an episode or two, he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, and ends up relapsing.  Obviously if this was intended fore shadowing then it is amazing since it is looking to 5 seasons in the future.

Poot can’t eat his hot dog.

This may or may not have been intentional but before poot and boodie kill wallace they basically take him out for his last meal.  Poot was the one who didn’t seem to understand why Wallace had to get got, and if you look at his plate, it looks like he didn’t even eat his food.  Maybe he was upset at what had to happen next.

There’s probably a few more that I can’t think of off the top of my head, especially when you look at how certain characters interacted with each other and you put it into the perspective of where they are at 4 seasons later. meh. whatever.


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