Top 87 TV shows of all time

I’m listening to the Boise St V Virgina Tech game right now and I feel like typing something.  That something is going to be my list of my favorite TV shows of all time.  I honestly don’t know if it will be 87, but i’m guessing thats around the number of shows I can remember.

I’m going to put these in order of how much I like them, and list stuff like favorite episodes, or why I ranked them where I did, or interesting facts, or favorite moments, or what I would have like to have seen happen, or i’ll just write nothing.

  1. The Shield – This is the first, and maybe the only show I ever watched from the first airing right through to the last airing without missing an episode when it first airs.  I’ll admit that I got emotional several times watching this show during its run. Lem dying, the show ending, well just those two times.  This was also the first show I remember watching where the main focus of the show was on an “Anti-Hero”.  So many great moments on the Shield, but I really loved two moments. The first was when Dutch solved the mystery of a serial killer and final got respect from his fellow cops. The second is when Vick confessed all his sins.
  2. The Wire – This would probably be number one if I hadn’t fallen in love with the Shield first.  This is considered by many to be the best TV show in history.  I don’t know if that is true, but it hard for me to name a show that has it beat hands down.  I can say that without doubt this is the greatest cop show ever.  The reason?  It is way more realistic than every other show.  The characters are layered, and have real motivations that aren’t just archetypes of good or evil.
  3. ER – I hearted this show back in High School and that doesn’t put me in unique company since it was one of the highest rated shows for almost a decade before it started to really drop off. Love’s Labors Lost was such an amazing episode from season 1.  The show was supposed to be about John Carter but after that episode you couldn’t help but be focused on Mark Green.  That focus lasted until his death on the show which was done incredibly well, and probably was a good ending point for the show even though it went on another 7 or so years.
  4. Simpsons – If you really think about it, this may be the greatest show in TV history.
  5. 24 – At times, 24 was the most awesome and bad ass shows ever. Chuck Norris beats off to thoughts of Jack Bauer.
  6. Southpark
  7. The Daily Show
  8. Nip / Tuck – Ok this list might be kind of slanted to more recent shows, but from a cinematic perspective, this show was one of the best.  The sets, the clothes, the lighting, the music.  It was all very artful, which is surprising since the show had so many guy moments with Christian being the ultimate pimp.
  9. MASH – I feel weird listing this so high, but it really was a great show.
  10. 10. Breaking Bad – Granted it’s only been 3 seasons but they have been sooooooo good. The last two episodes of season 3 are some of the best TV ever…. unless you never watched the show
  11. Highlander – ughhhhhh yep. I loved this show. I can’t lie.  It shouldn’t be rated this high, but that’s how much I enjoyed it.
  12. Star Trek The Next Generation – god i’m such a nerd
  13. Lost – I kind of became a Lostie as I watched more and more of the show. Look, in the beginning i’m sure a lot of the mysteries were well thought out and the cool part of the show wasn’t just the mystery but the fight for survival on a hostel island.  Then it became all about the mystery and twists which you can tell the writers were just making up as they went on.  Still, it was an amazing show at times, and an ok show the rest of the time.
  14. Mad Men – A slow developing show, but that’s on purpose.
  15. Sons of Anarchy – Some assholes, like me, might call this the poor man’s The Shield, but this is a very good show in what is quickly becoming an FX tradition of quality programming.
  16. Seinfeld – Hated it at first but then it got so good for so long
  17. MST3K – If you don’t know what that stands for then FUCK YOU
  18. The Chappelle Show
  19. SNL
  20. Californication – Boobies + humor + strong writing + surprising heartfelt moments = awesome
  21. X-Files – It got stupid in later years, but for a while it was really good and kind of unique.
  22. Real World – Ok, remember the real world back in the 90s. The first three years were really good.  They were real people who were from different worlds/cultures/lifestyles and at the time we were living in a time where there wasn’t a lot of cross cultural interactions like there is now. Pedro dying is sooooooo sad.
  23. Futurama
  24. 30 Rock – Another fairly young show but it is so smart and funny. Plus Alec Baldwin is perfect.
  25. Quantum Leap
  26. The office
  27. Heroes – Great show the first couple seasons and then went down hill fast and hard.
  28. Playmakers = only lasted one season but it was epic, and would have been a great show if given a chance
  29. Dexter
  30. That 70’s Show
  31. Community
  32. Burn Notice – Yes it is getting repetitive but it’s still fun
  33. Law and Order – Angie Harmon.. swoon.

    yes... she was naked in a movie once

  34. Friends – It’s easy to overlook this show since with time all people seem to remember is the Ross and Rachel stuff, but it really was a hilarious show.
  35. Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  36. Chuck
  37. Late Night with Connan Obrien
  38. Justified – Only one season in and it is good, but not really amazing yet.
  39. In Living Color
  40. A-Team
  41. Frasier
  42. Family guy
  43. Law and Order SVU

    And she got naked once too

  44. Cheers – This show’s final episode should be the poster child for how a comedy series does a last episode.
  45. Mad TV – this show completely OWNED SNL when it first came out… then all the good comedians left… despite never getting any success in other endeavors, and SNL started to get good again with Will Farrell and the Ladies of SNL
  46. Rome – granted I’ve only seen one season of the two but I really liked it.
  47. Celebrity Rehab – I don’t care what people say; this is a real reality show even if people originally show up for rehab just to stay or become famous.  Once there they deal with real issues and it’s pretty heavy drama.
  48. Parks and Rec – wasn’t that into it the first year but it keeps getting better and better
  49. King of the hill – Kind of underrated because of all the other Fox animation shows.
  50. Married with Children – Would be rated higher if I had actually watched it religiously when younger
  51. Beavis and Butthead – There’s rumors this show is coming back.
  52. Always sunny in Philadelphia
  53. The Colbert Report
  54. Hung
  55. Justice League – yes it’s a cartoon, but it was an adult cartoon… not like the Japan adult cartoons, just… fuck you.
  56. Louie
  57. Late Night with David Letterman – I remember spending almost every night in the summer of my sophmore year watching that American Nation show with Michael Moore and then switching over to Letterman with my neighbor. Good times.
  58. MacGuyver
  59. News Radio – How was this show not a bigger hit.
  60. Reno 911
  61. The Man Show
  62. Baywatch – ….. boobs?
  63. My Name is Earl
  64. Jackass – got old pretty quickly but there was at least one skit every week that was great.
  65. Brisco County Junior – Bruce Campbell FTW
  66. Tilt – Another ESPN series that only lasted one season
  67. Smallville – fuck you.
  68. robot Chicken
  69. Boston Public
  70. Archer
  71. Monk – I never got into this show where I had to watch it, but I really liked all the episodes I’ve seen and loved the character
  72. Bat Man the animated Series – great show if you are too old for cartoons but young enough to watch comic book cartoons… which I was.  I feel like a nerd saying this but the show was kind of ground breaking in terms of shaping the Batman universe.
  73. Men of a certain age
  74. Deadliest Catch
  75. East Bound and Down – This would be number one if the hot chick hadn’t used a body double when she whipped out her tits
  76. Dukes of Hazzard – I should try and rank all the awesome 80’s shows at some point
  77. Scrubs – Kind of similar to MASH in how it went back and forth and blended comedy and drama.
  78. Big Bang Theory – How could I not like this show
  79. Hercules
  80. The incredible Hulk
  81. Knigh Rider – if you try watching old episodes…. it really was a terrible show.
  82. Malcom in the Middle – Lasted a little bit longer than I watched it
  83. Northern Exposure
  84. Will and Grace
  85. Fear Factor – ughhhhhhh yeah I liked this show for a little while
  86. Bull Shit with Penn and Teller
  87. American Chopper
  88. Royal Pains
  89. Dirt – How did this not come back for another season
  90. Las Vegas – Didn’t watch this much but liked it when I did
  91. Newheart – Bob Newheart is such an underrated comedian who’s style is still funny today. (actually he might be dead, but you can still watch his stuff and enjoy it)
  92. Enterprise – I’m not listing Deep Space nine cause i hated captain Janeway
  93. Sorpranos – Would probably be real high on the list but I only watched this sparingly and didn’t catch it from the beginning
  94. Magnum P.I
  95. The Girls Next Door – Good for a little while but then you realize that the three girls will never have an episode where they make out.
  96. CHiPs
  97. Hogan’s Heroes
  98. Dharma and Greg – Got old real fast since you can’t keep having jokes based around free spirit vs. button up corporate life
  99. Talk Soup / The Soup
  100. Junkyard Wars – I was always jealous of the people on this show and their skills
  101. The Riches – Another show that should have had a second season… actually I just looked online and it looks like they did have a second season
  102. MXC – so funny and full of win. God the Japanese are crazy.
  103. Home Improvement – In hindsight I don’t like this show as much as I’m sure I did when I originally watched it
  104. MythBusters
  105. Flashforward – could have been a good show if the entire country wasn’t suffering Lost Fatigue.
  106. Treme – As much as I hate it, I know i’m going to watch every episode of it for as long as it’s on TV
  107. Wings
  108. Ellen – such a good show at the beginning that then turned horrible once ever episode revolved around Ellen being gay.  BTW the Ellen coming out episode was extremely funny.
  109. Empty Nest – This is one of the shows I watched with my grandmother when she was watching me since it was good enough that I enjoyed watching and didn’t have any content my grandmother would hate.
  110. Dragonball Z – Don’t ask me why I watched this. It’s crazy stupid but I got hooked watching this one summer when it was on the Cartoon Network
  111. Monster Garage
  112. Columbo
  113. Saved by the Bell
  114. Happy Days – Nickelodian was the kind of classic TV rebroadcasts
  115. Dog eat dog – Was only good when Jennifer Walcott and the other playmates were contestants
  116. Sliders – I’m such a sucker for terrible Sci-Fi shows
  117. My Secret Identity – back to back Jerry O’Connel shows
  118. Animanicas – This was an after school cartoon perfectly timed for how old I was at the time. … i think it was after school. Whatever, it was just intelligent enough that at my age there was humor in the smart stuff despite being a WB cartoon featuring talking animals.
  119. Adventures of the Superfriends – Someone else said ti best when they said that this show was written by men who hated kids.  Maybe not hated, but was just indifferent.  Best drinking game is to watch one of these shows and do a drink every time there is a blatant error in either logic or continuity.
  120. Real Time with bill Maher – Use to really like this before I over doesed on smarm given off by Maher
  121. Buck rogers – Such and Epic Theme song… also the lady on it.. Erin Grey i think…. very hot.
  122. Lois and Clark
  123. Seaquest – more Sci-Fi terribelness that I loved
  124. Airwolf

Maybe I should make a list of TV shows people can’t believe I never watched. Number 1: Battle Star Galatica


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