Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Highlights

So SOA season 3 starts tomorrow night, so in preparation I am spending most of Labor day reviewing season 1.  As I watch, I’ll jot down notes.

EP 1:

Starts with last years highlights which includes Jax reading his dads manifesto, Peg bundy and Hell boy not liking him reading it, The biker that is also an Elvis impersonator shot a dude, ATF puts him in jail, they set up Opie/Left Side to look like a rat, donna gets killed, jax shows up at the funeral acting all hard and kind of stares down the rest of the SOA so you know going into season 2 he and Opes dad are going to be separated from the club.  The 1st episode of the second season starts annnnnnnddd….. everything is back to normal… mostly.

Elvis biker is getting released, Opie is all broken up, ripped deputy and Jax are getting tight, white supremacist in the hizzy, opie carved a big as A into some mexican’s chest.  I love how the SOA crew wear gloves and worry about disposing of guns yet run around shooting said guns in the middle of the day with eye witnesses everywhere. Well that’s about it for episode 1… oh yeah, Henry Rollins raped Peg Bundy.

EP 2

I love how SOA uses covers of songs. They are great. Ruby tuesday cover during the post rapey scene was well done.  Um jax is making a war between the niners and mayans.  Pornstar sub plot with tom arnold is back.  Either the niners of Mayans took shots at the SOA. I was kind of fastforwarding throough.

EP 3

It is uncomfortable how much the head white power guy reminds me of Glen Beck. Elvis biker gets blowies from ex porn woman cause she is stealing money. SOA blows up meth lab. Some porn chick wants Jax, Jax bangs Maggie Sif, Peg is still all messed up about the rape.  (Which she should be, i’m not trying to make lite of it.)

EP 4

1 nut is getting a fake ball. SOA toy drive or something. Jenna spots the chick that set up the rape.  That creepy biker that shot donna wrecked and later taken by bounty hunters.  Piney drives a car loader through a motel wall to bust him out….. cause there’s no way virtually any cop could crack that case and put SOA in jail.  And why did Jax even care about getting donna killer back from the bounty hunters?

Ep 5

Street brawl between whities and soa… why don’t any soa members ever lose a fight.  Some horse farm guy with a bunch of land something something. Otto lost an eye in jail, SOA want to retaliate against White power, soa votes but no majority on retaliation, elvis biker has a really good heart to heart with hell boy about how elvis is voting in best interest of club and that hell boy and jax need to work out whatever is going on.  Van explodes and Irish biker all fucked up.

Ep 6

Jax and deputy McRipped try to work together to take down zobel before retaliation.  Faux hawk biker tries to remove the bad remains from the van explosion that would make the ATF hang around more. Zoebels daughter is really fucking hot. Yes she hates minorities, but still, she’s hot. SOA almost kill some kids.  The deputy has almost no real authority.  Does Hell Boy ever get tired of being wrong?   How did Maggie Seif get her nose busted up, and now she and Peg are BFFs.  SOA go in guns ablazing into a church thing.

EP 7

SOA in jail and FauxHawk might have to have sex with a black guy.  Faux hawk just got stabbed.  Opie and the black sherif we haven’t seen since last year set up… someone, i wasn’t paying attention.  Black Sherif got shot.  Opie dating a pornstar, ATF wants SOA to give up the IRA.  Jacks and Hellboy finally have a fight and Elvis tells everyone they need this.  That guy with the land and horses is the one who bails out SOA or something.

EP 8

Asians chopped off the masturbating accountant’s fingers.  No he works for SOA doing the books for Kara Kara.  Irish biker awake and his chick is in US again. More Porn sub plot. Mayans get the drop on Jax Elvis and opie.  Mayans are now at war with SOA I guess.  Mayans got guns from Zobel who almost got them stolen from SOA who found out Zobel bought them from IRA. Big family Dinner interrupted by deputy who said kara kara was beat to death. Everyone starts fighting and then peg drops a dish and that somehow puts everything in perspective.

EP 9

Some of the Kara Kara girls got busted for prostitution and we almost got to see one of them naked during the sting.  Hell boy wants out of the porn business for some unknown reason. SOA tries to kidnap and torture in a pussyfy way some judge so he can get the chinesse gun supply flowing again. Zobel burned down Kara Kara but Jax thinks it was clay and now wants a transfer.

EP 10

The ATF was listening in on the IRA guys when irish biker came in and got pissed at them for selling to zobel.  The head IRA guy is somehow romantically linked to Irish bikers chick.  Some Feather Indians are making bullets.  Irish biker has to help with the ATF.  Peg finally tells JAx and Hellboy about the rape, which is why jax decides to stay with the club.

EP 11

This is a really good episode.  It opens up with Hell boy telling the club about peg’s rape.  Then Donna killer biker guy almost hooks up with peg cause she’s horny or something but then he stops and then sees Opie and tells her he killed donna by accident.  There is this great shot of piney and Elvis biker as they give clay this knowing disappointed look.   It was a nice shot cause clay is looking at them and they are standing together looking back at him and you can tell that although there’s a lot of years between all of them, this trumps all of that. So now Opie wants that ATF bitch since it’s kind of her fault, and he’s tailing her, but she’s on the way to meet irish biker guy.  Opie puts a gun to ATF chick and she breaks down later. Jax and opie share the most violent hug i’ve ever seen.  Opie talks with the club about the donna thing now. Jax has to stop piney from killing clay.   Money Episode.

Ep 12

Another opening with a cover of an awesome song.  This time it was a cover of CCRs Someday Never Comes.   Also this is the episode where Lem just shows up out of now where.  AWESOME.  SOA tell the head IRA guy that his son is the one informing on him to the ATF, which he is.  Also Zobel’s daughter is still hot with an awesome rack.  Jax got Henry Rollins kids taken by child services.  Now they are going to have a big fight out in the woods.  SOA make the ATF look like fools by making the ATF raid them when they have nothing but empty crates while the SOA still get the AKs they need.  Maggie Seif beats the shit out of her boss cause she wants to get her medical record revoked.

ILLLLLLLL LEM is kicking some ass.  Deputy just arrested Henry Rollins for burning down Kara Kara.  Zobel admits to having a huge stash of H in order to save himself from getting killed by SOA.  aaaaannnnndddd the cover of CCR comes back on as the credits role.

EP 13

Zobel turns out to be an FBI informant.  Mayans and SOA have a mini showdown on main street.  Otto gets his eye for an eye.  Jacks kills Henry Rollins who seemed to take it like a man.  I was wrong about who the IRA dad is.  The head IRA guy is Jimmy I think who is the man in black from lost.  Then there’s the kid who is informing to ATF and then there’s his dad who….. KIDNAPS JAX’s son.  Also, 1 nut got killed protecting Maggie Seif, who was held hostage after IRA Dad found out his kid got shot by Peg eventhough it was actually ATF lady who shot him but then framed Peg since peg had just ust shot zobells daughter between her massively awesome boobs.  It’s kind of confusing but all you need to know is that Peg is on the run, Zobell escaped again, cause SOA had to ditch his about to be killed ass to try and rescue JAX’s son at the dock.  Season Ends with JAx pulling a KKKKKAAAAAHAHHHHHHNNNN.


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