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Today was a long day of good golfing with good friends.  Well good golfing in terms of enjoyment, not so much in terms of great shots by me.  Since it was a long day, and since I don’t feel like doing a lot of writing, and because I am trying to force myself to write something everyday, I am just going to post a couple of quick thoughts based on stuff I find on the web.

The first thing I want to write, is actually just a quote I found on one of my favorite websites which is dedicated to TV blogging:

I’m pretty sure that this will be the last episode of “Rubicon” that I watch. God knows I tried with this show. I mean, I like shows that aren’t rushed, that take their time to develop stories and characters. But “Rubicon” makes “Treme” look like Crank.

I couldn’t have said it better myself… which if I really think about it, isn’t that big of a compliment to the blogger who penned the Treme reference above.  I really really really think i’m starting to become a TV and movie snob, despite the fact that I love Burn notice, celebrity rehab, and bloodsport.

Up next, Playboy has a safe for work website called the smoking jacket.  It is a nice move by them since it promotes their brand in a way that won’t get it’s viewers fired from their jobs.  Today I was looking at some of their latest posts, and noticed that they had a lot of “Top 5 blah blahs” and “Top movie etc etc..” on their site.  So I’m going to look at a few of these, read their title, put in my answers, and then read what they wrote and see how closely they match up.

Seven Clutch Sports Movie Performances

Dont worry, i'm not putting the Tripple Deek on this list

I’m putting very little thought into these so I’m sure there will be some glaring omisions by me. (btw I copied and pasted the title from the smoking jacket, which is why it might look weird above.)

My choices, For the love of the game perfect game.  Jimmy chitwood making the final shot to win in Hoosiers. The natural walk off home run… that wasn’t in the book. Ernie McCrakin bowling three strikes AFTER roy munson picked up the 7 10 split.  Tin cup having no balls left and making the shot.  Billy Bob paving the way for tweeter to block the punt in varsity blues.  Happy Gilmore’s goes for the win in the masters instead of two putting.

Ok that’s all i could think of on short notice. Let’s see what they wrote:

  • Steamin’ Willie Beamen Gets His Head Out of His Ass in Time For the Playoffs
  • Joe Kane Stays Sober For Long Enough to Make ESU Bowl Eligible
  • Billy Hoyle Breaks Through the Dunking Color Barrier (this has something to do with white men can’t jump, i’m just copying and pasting the text from the smoking jacket again)
  • Jimmy Chitwood’s Killer Crossover Wins the State Championship (1 in common so far)
  • The Ice Box Puts Off Womanhood For One More Day (I’ve never seen little giants)
  • Roy Hobbs Turns Out the Lights on Pittsburgh’s Season (this was an obvious one for both me and the author)
  • Chet ‘Rocket’ Steadman Brings the Hot, Stinkin’ Cheddar (I also never saw rookie of the year)

In summation…. holy shit was this guy’s list of clutch movie performances terrible.  IT’s like he read someone elses list that was good and just decided to be a dick and put up completely different stuff.   Now that i’m thinking about it, How about adding rick wild thing Vaughn walking whoever to get to parkman and then striking him out with a 101 mph fastball.  My list is way better than that guys.

"I may strike out here, but at least I get to suck on some Pan Anderson titty in Raw Justice"

Ok, on to the next one:

Five Celebrities Who Should Find a Chauffeur

nope, i’m not doing that one, I don’t care enough… although I’m guessing paris hilton, lindsay lohan, billy joel are on the list and maybe toby mcgwire from that time he got super pissed cause the photogs were all in his way and he couldn’t see if there was on comming traffic.

BTW, I could also add on Lenoard Little to this list as well as several other NFLers, but they probably wouldn’t be considered celebs.  Oh fuck it, let’s see who playboy listed:

George Michael, Faith Evans, Ice-T, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

This might actually be kind of a timely list since Lindsay may or may not have hit a baby in a stroller with her car yesterday:

what a bitch.

There is no amount of babies she could run over that would make me not want to plow her till next spring

Ok next one:

Eight Classic Songs that Would Have Been Better with Profanity

No idea. Lets see the next one:

Five Reasons Why You Should Fear the Discovery Channel

I have no idea but i’m sure shark week comes up at some point.  Also I think this was written WAY before the whole Discovery channel hostage guy.  Ok just read it and, shark week wasn’t on there. It was just a bunch of actual stuff that was probably interesting if I didn’t skim it. Next:

Eleven Movie Theme Songs to Bring Out Your Inner Awesome

I’m not going to try and come up with 11 but here’s my thoughts:

Eye of the tiger

Boom done. Don’t need any others.  Ok fine… The rocky Theme, going to fly now. Boom done.  Ok maybe some more that aren’t from rocky.  The chariots of fire song, theme for a common man that i’m guessing has been in a bunch of movies.  ummmm…. I can’t think of anymore. Christ I’m tired. Smoking Jacket said:

I was going to list them out, but there’s 11, which is funny cause the title says 11 but the url says 10. Where were you guys on that one QA department.  None of my suggestions were on there, althought their list was pretty good.  Seriously though, how do you not put on the rocky theme when you need a training montage.

Next one:

The 5 People You Will Meet at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Eww. ok here’s the list. Ass hole bikers, Redneck Bikers, Fat Bikers, Bikers who love america way too much, and Slutty biker chicks who are almost hot but only when compared to the previous four people you meet at sturgis.

See what I mean

I refuse to read this list. …. ok I skimed it and it wasn’t that bad, although it was fairly different than mine, yet oddly similar.

I was going to find some more lists, but I’m not going to.  Instead i’m going to leave you with this link:

It’s a bunch of Jesus motivational pencil sketches that someone did, where people are over writting the actual yeah jesus is awesome and helpful stuff and replacing it with jesus saying stuff that only a complete dick would say.  Here’s an example:


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