Rubicon still doesn’t make sense so I watched some other shows


I just got done watching the 6th episode of Rubicon and I thought I’d do a quick recap of this episode and the whole season as a whole.

Recap Rubicon Episode 6:

huh? ohhhhh ok I guess.  *sigh* how much longer?

Recap Rubicon Season 1 so far:


"Oh look I think I see our show's plot finally arriving over there in the.... oh wait, nope that's a squirrel. Damn what the hell are we doing in this show."

And there you go.  I honestly don’t know where this show is going, and although it has some good dialog, good character development, great set designs, and great actors, it still doesn’t have any real discernible conflict.

….. I’m going to name this Treme syndrome.

This band plays a song every time treme is mentioned, even if it is a negative comment.

When I saw the first saw Rubicon, I thought there was some type of mystery or surprise reason as to why everything looked all old school (70s and 80s old school).   Now i’m thinking that there isn’t, and that is kind of disappointing.   Granted, not every show needs as many twists and turns as a show like lost, but I would like at least some twists, turns, conflict, and direction.

Sooooooooo let’s see what else is on TV.

Royal Pains:

Starring from left to right: Non-descript subtely hot no name white woman, The smart pot head from Road trip, Not the doctor from Northern Exposure, and a Hot Indian woman with a weird ass name.

I heard good things about this show, and wanted to watch it when it first came on TV last year… or the year before.  Whatever, IMDB it if you want to know when it first came on the air.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I downloaded and watched a season and a half of this show over the weekend.  … Nope, I was wrong, that is very sad and I am ashamed to have just admitted it. Christ, why do I write some of this stuff and then just not delete it. Weird.

At least its only a 12 episode season so it didn’t take long. Plus the show is on USA so there are no commercials making that actual episode length closer to a measly 42 minutes…. which still means I watched over twelve and a half hours of TV. Fuck.

Ok here is a recap of the first season and a half of Royal Pains:

Royal Pains Season 1 and a half recap:

ohhhhhh kay, not too bad, i’m digging it.

It’s predictable but it’s fun and the few twists (like having the Fonz show up) are not forced.  Also, the guest stars have been pretty awesome. (some hot, some…. well…. ok The Big Show was one of the guests, soooooo yeah there was that.)  The show has a good mixture of well timed humor, without going over board on the jokes, and just enough drama to make you care about the week to week goings on.

Oh and….

ppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeee let there be a Kama Sutra episode

So what else am I watching? Well there’s Louie, Mad Men, Burn Notice, Futurama and season 1 of the Wire.

Mad Men is very similar to Treme and Rubicon in the sense that they all move very slow and depend heavily on character development.  The one thing that makes Mad Men far superior to the previous two show is that Mad Men does have conflict with real implications.  None of the conflict is monumental and is mostly real world stuff like, divorce, raising kids, adultery, and ad work stuff.  Here’s my review of this season’s Mad Men episodes so far:

Recap of Mad Men Season 4 so far:

Awwwwwww Yeahhhhhh, drink that scotch and bang those broads and make that money Don Draper !!!! whoooooo!!!!!

Here’s a video showing how awesome Don Draper is.

OK so let’s wrap this entry up.  I was afraid when futurama came back on the air it would suck because the creators tried to change it to make it more marketable and less likely to get cancelled again.  Instead the Futurama writers have embraced their core audience and have really made the show even better than before.

ok in truth if they really really really wanted to embrace their core audience there would be way more of this on the show….. btw never google image search the words “Futurama” “Amy” and “Leela” with the moderate search set to OFF.

Burn Notice just wrapped up their fourth season, and honestly, I kind of stopped caring about the season long plot lines they have going on.  I’ve seen every episode and even though they constantly recap what they are doing and why they are doing it, i still can’t follow it, probably because I just don’t care.

But the real thing I want to discuss, is what i’m excited to watch next…. so i’ll write about that tomorrow.


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