Predictions of Sons of Anarchy Season 3

When The shield started it’s seventh and final season, I was extremely excited when Sons of Anarchy premiered because I thought it would be a good replacement for my weekly anti hero drama fix.  For the most part, it is.  The one thing I do hate however is how many people love the show.  This is probably my biggest failing as a human being. I hate when a lot of people start loving something that I already discovered. Ok actually my unhealthy over eating, laziness, chronic masturbation, and poor hygiene are probably my biggest failings, but all of that is besides the point.

When the show first started I liked the idea of Jax having a tortured conflicted set of morals that were the echoed in the writings of his father’s memoirs.  As the show has gone on however, it almost seems like the show has moved away from Jax’s internal conflict and has instead just decided to try and appease the fans and feed their sentiment that Jax is totally bad ass.  So instead of him trying to amend his ways and be a better father the show seems preoccupied putting Jax in positions where he can look bad ass.

All of this is causing me to think Jax is kind of a douche bag and that in this season it would be great to see someone finally put him in his place.  I’m not sure if that is a prediction exactly but I think the writers have to get tired of Jax always coming out on top.  So with that being my general theme for the third season, I would also like to put forward some additional, more specific predictions.

Jax is unable to go after his child because of some legal something.

I think Jax and the rest of SAMCRO are still under investigation for the weapon charges they got when they went to that church and Henry Rollins fired off a shot.  Now Jax will have to either try and sneak out of the country (if you assume that IRA guy took the kid to Ireland), or rely on someone else to go after the kid in his place. Either way, Jax will have to struggle with not being able to go after his kid and will instead be forced to focus on club business.

The Club continues to struggle and blah blah blah

I don’t have any specific ideas on how they struggle from a financial position, and maybe that isn’t the concern this year.  Maybe they have money since Zobel is gone, but now have to fight to repair their reputation with the people they had been selling guns to.  My guess is that they bring in a new bad guy or group.  Maybe a rival white biker gang.  That way it’s not so racially charged.  Ohhhhhh how about a fanatical church group like those crazy bastards at the West Boro Baptist church.

Lem is awesome

Ok this is even less specific than the other stuff I’ve mentioned before, but Kenny Johnson is supposedly going to be a major player this season and he played Lem on The Shield.  Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe Lem could be the one to be the antagonist.  Like one of the other charters is beefing with the redwood originals and that is where the club’s conflict comes from.  Maybe all the other charters are pissed because the originals are bringing heat onto their entire club.

The chronic masturbator is shown more and then gets killed

I think that the writers were surprised with how much everyone liked that accountant with the masturbation problems and the two fingers.  I think they will play that up in this season, make you love him, and then kill him dramatically.  I don’t know exactly why they will do this, but probably will help establish the seriousness and evilness of whoever this years main protagonist is.

The Sheriff’s cancer turns terminal

I forget his name, but i’m sure you know who i’m talking about.  I don’t know if he’ll die this season or if his cancer will just get so bad that he isn’t able to be a major player in the show which forces the deputy to take even more of an active role than before.  This will be bitter sweet for most if not all the characters.  I think this will also force the deputy to change his approach since he realizes that the Sheriff wasn’t just being a lackey for SAMCRO but was also keeping order and peace by giving the bad guys just enough rope.


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