My Current Crushes

With every blog or other form of online diary/bulletin board I’ve ever had, I would invariably get to the point where I jot down a list of all my man crushes.  I think i’ll deviate from the norm and for once list all of the women I have a crush on.  Of course these aren’t real people (well technically they are real), but just celebs that if I was in college would have posters of them hanging in my room.  I also thought a good reason to jot this list down, would be to give anyone browsing my blog, a better understanding of some of the random women I reference from time to time.

Olivia Munn

Might as well start with my top choice…. you know if in some bizzare world I actually was allowed to choose who I could… you know… with the sex!?!?!!

look she's Ema Frost... you know, from the X-Men, duh, the telepath who is with Cyclops now that Jean Grey died after becommind the Phoenix

Olivia has the following things going for her: She’s hot and kind of Asiany, on the Daily Show, is supposedly a geek/nerd, doesn’t mind dressing up as hot comic book characters, seems funny in most of her interviews, is a published author.  Her only apparent  downside is lack of giant boobies.

in addition to looking hot, I think Olivia is also making fun of Asians or something

And with all the entries on this list, I will try to end it with an awesome Gif.

Alison Brie

If you ever watched community and you have a penis then you are in love with Alison Brie.  It’s science.

She’s adorably upbeat as Annie

She’s sexily uptight and old fashion as Bill Campbell’s wife in Mad Men, and slutily sluttastic in some online show in which THIS HAPPENED:

Rashida Jones

Rashida is probably the only one on this list who has more going for her than Olivia Munn.  Seriously, check out her Wikipedia page. It says stuff like she has near perfect memory, and is an accomplished singer.

She’s also hot, so there’s that as well.

Plus Rashida was awesome during her stint on the Office, was fantastic in I Love You Man, and is currently awesome in Parks and Recreation.

Couldn’t find a Gif so here’s this Funny or Die Clip.

Amber Heard

I honestly feel this chick could end up being the next Angelina Jolie.  I could make a cheap joke about Amber buying up a bunch of African kids in 10 years, but really what I mean is that Amber could do the Angelina thing where she gets naked a bunch early in her carrer doing small but good movies and then later on is still sexy but just does big time movies.

Although, I kind of hope she never gets any good roles like Angelina or she may be tempted to not get naked all the time.

Or sexily wet.


Alice Eve

This is just a new chick I discovered a couple months ago when I started watching some movies I had been putting off for a while.

She was in She’s Out Of My League, which wasn’t really that spectacular and aside from her body, she wasn’t that spectacular either.

What was spectacular was her role in Crossing Over in which she got naked… and acted or something.  Maybe dramatically, I don’t know. I kind of kept drifting off after her nude scenes.

Oh yeah, and she’s supposed to play Emma Frost in the next X-Men movie, which as I should have noted above with the Olivia Munn Cos-play, Emma Frost is the sluttiest of the X-Men…. except for wolverine. Man has that guy gotten around. You know he totally banged she hulk right? right?!?!?


Honorable Mentions:

Rachel Nichols ESPN

lucia micarelli

Ashley Greene

Asia Carrera


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