First impressions of Rubicon.

HOLY SHIT I just realized that the main guy on this show is Chase from 24. Jack’s one time partner who was also dating Kim, Jack’s daughter, who was played by Elisha Cuthbert.  I watched the entire first two episodes last night and never made that connection.

speaking of connections ... huh??!?!?! wink wink!!! know what I mean?!?!?. ... I want to fuck Elisha Cuthbert

Jesus, that chick was constantly in mortal danger.  How did Jack never get around to putting a GPS under her skin when she was asleep one night.  It just seems way too practical when you have a stupid kid like that.  Wait, what is this post about again? Rubicon? Oh yeah, the show. ughhhh, alright, I’ll talk about hot blonde chicks some other time I guess.

So the only think I had heard about this show prior to watching it, was that it was on AMC, who has two other original dramas: Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.  Just like those two shows, this show is supposed to have a slow deliberate pace to the story telling.  I also heard from a friend that like Mad Men this is a period piece taking place in the 70’s or 80s.  So it’s obvious that I had very little information going into watching these first two episodes.

Like Mad Men, the show doesn’t really feel the need to give a run down of the plot, setting, and characters at the beginning of the first episode.   Most shows will have an opening scene that more or less lets  you know what kind of show you are watching so that you feel comfortable.  Rubicon instead just jumps right into character development and hopes you can fill in the pieces as they are revealed.  I don’t prefer one method over the other, but I do notice that the Rubicon method does make you pay closer attention to the little details right from the beginning.

That being said, this method can also be very frustrating if they go too long without revealing enough details for you to get a comfortable grasp on what type of show your watching.   After two hour long episodes, it feels like the show is leaning towards being frustrating by holding back too many details.

Speaking of details, I figured out pretty early on that my friend was wrong when he said that the show takes place in the 70s or 80s.  In one of the first scenes I can see several cars that look fairly recent.  A few scenes later, the hero is doing a crossword (looking for hidden messages) when you see one of the clues references Justin Timberlake.  Then they mention Randy Moss, 9/11, and watch TV on a flat panel screen. So yeah it takes place in modern day but the agency they work for is all low tech.   To give you an idea of how easy it would be to think this was set in a different time period check out these screen caps:

I’m pretty sure that the old school looking settings, time ambiguous clothing, characters driving older model cars, and antiquated office technology (like tons of papers and cabinets and books) is all done on purpose and in time will prove to be a major part of the story.

After two hours I think I can say that I will definitely watch several more but that I could end up getting so frustrated that I quit or get so engrossed in it that I become a Rubicony (that’s what i’m calling the Rubicon version of a Lostie).


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