Characters for my Spec Script

Over the past two weeks I have made a couple of entries on here that details the majority of the plot points I want to have in the first season of the show i’m writing which will never make it to TV.  Now I want to detail the cast of characters for the show.  I figure there are a few main character types I need to include in the show:

  • Main character/hero
  • Good/Best Friends
  • Love Interests
  • Antagonists/Rivals
  • Mentor/parental figures/teachers
  • Family

Main character/hero

This one is easy.  The show will be centered around one person who will appear in the majority of scenes.  He is a struggling actor in Hollywood who works in porn to pay bills and accidentally falls into the detective thing.  His name is Rod Hardlove, but his porn name is Max Bone.

This shadowy detective has a HUGE private dic if you know what i mean.

Rod will be tied up in most major story lines on the show for obvious reasons, but there should be some sub plots about him that aren’t directly related to any of the cases. One of those story lines should be Rod’s quest to land a legitimate acting job.  There probably should be some kind of storyline involving Rod being unable to find a woman who is OK with him working in porn.  Also, Rod might want to have a contentious relationship with his parents since he is in porn, and they all seem to stereotypically have that problem.

Good/Best Friends

I want Rod to have a best friend who is a Con man.

No, Not a handsome capable con man who gets tons of PussSay!!!

yeah, something more like this... but maybe Mexican.

I want the BFF to be a low level conman who isn’t really that good at his job.  Like he knows how to do all the major cons but he usually fucks them up somewhere along the line.  I want his name to be shifty, and I would like to have it be a non white person as Rod’s friend since, well, there’s just a lot of white people on TV.  Since this takes place in LA, he could be Mexican, but maybe it would be fun to have him be Puerto Rican and get mad when he’s called Mexican by Gringos.  The one down fall is that i’m making someone named shifty a bumbling comical criminal which is slightly racist.

I should note that I thought about the idea of having Rod be black, but if this is the Porno world, that might be problematic since a lot of big name Pornstars won’t work with black guys.  It would be hard to gloss over that fact and still keep any integrity in the character. Yep, I actually just said I want to keep integrity in a show that is basically a rip off of the show monk but you  just substitue neurotic behavior for having a big cock.)

"Just because it's not HUGE doesn't mean it's necessarily that small"

Love Interests

Since I don’t know anything about love, this will be a hard thing to write about but it seems like a staple of almost every show on TV ever.  I dare you to name a show that doesn’t have some sort of love story in it.  Even Monk was still in love with his dead wife.   So who is Rod’s love interest? I don’t know.  I’m toying with the idea of having Rod hook up with a hot pornstar that he hates, solely for the fact that she keeps accidentally giving him clues to solve his cases and is in essence his muse.

I initially named this woman Amber Love, and I still like that name even though I need to avoid having the word “love” in everyone’s name. Or do I? … yeah, I do, that would be stupid.   Anyways, I picture Amber Love as being a stuck up, self centered, diva type busty blonde pornstar and in my mind picture her looking like this chick:

This is the only picture of Nikki Benz on the internet where she isn't naked.

I’d also like to have another pornstar who Rod is actually into but just has never actually been… you know, in to.. . her. … sexually speaking…. baahwwchickawhaawhaa.  Someone who looks innocent, and acts innocent (aside from the sex acts she probably takes part in on film) and seems like a genuinely nice person.  In my mind I’m picturing someone like this:

This is the only picture on the internet where Jenna Haze isn't naked.... and covered with man juice.

Wow, just try typing “Jenna Haze Innocent Look”  into google image search and I promise you will not find a picture of her sans penis.  I want to call this charachter something fun like Tiffany Pink.

I also want Rod to have an ex-girlfriend who dumped him after finding out about the porn stuff.  She has to be somewhat evil or else Rod will seem like a bad person in comparison.  Yeah Rod did porn while they were together, but she use to cheat on him all the time before that.  I am picturing the chick from She’s out of my league for this role:

No not Alice Eve

yeah that chick.

I also think it would be awesome if by the end of the first season we find out the ex who hated Rod for doing porn and just constantly put him down about it, turns out to be doing porn now.


Each episode will have a fresh new bad guy that is the person that is that weeks antagonist for the case Rod is working.  Outside of that he will have to have a season long bad guy or girl to but heads against, plus there should be a porn rival.  I want to call this porn rival Chaz Buffington since I literaly knew a guy with that name where I use to work and I use to mock him for having a porno sounding name.

Holy shit, this dudes name is Dale Dabone.

So don’t have the rival be evil or bad or anything, just have him just be more sucessful, handsome, smarter, wittier, with a bigger package, and probably banging Tiffany Pink.  That way Rod’s hatred of the guy is way more irrational and hopefully funny.  Also, it would be fun to set up this guy as the bad guy in season two or three.

Mentor/parental figures/teachers

I already mentioned in a previous post that I would like his dad to be a mechanic, since it might seem like a profession that requires a ton of work for not a lot of money which in theory is the type of life Rod never wanted and why he wants to be a wealthy actor.   The mother could be a public defender, which can also be a low paying job with lots of hours.  Both of those things combined could lead to why Rod is good at solving cases (mechanics put things together, and lawyers… uh know stuff about the law and guilt and whatever).

The detective who runs the community college course would also be a mentor and featured in the majority of episodes as he gives advice to Rod.  For whatever reason, I’d like him to be gay.  Just a normal dude, who you wouldn’t think, oh he’s gay, but he isn’t in the closet either.   I just think this could make for something funny later, when Rod meets his partner but doesn’t understand it’s that kind of partner.  I want John Goodman for this, which would be awesome if the show was on HBO cause I only want the character for one season which is just what he did on Treme.


In time I could have episodes where Rod has to solve mysteries for his brother or sister, but I don’t care about that yet.  Maybe that will be a season two thing.


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