Falcon Punch

Don’t ask me why, but I was watching the Macguyver Tornado punch on youtube today and it reminded me of the whole Falcon Punch thin. So I did a google image search for Falcon punch and got the results at the bottom of this entry as well as the original youtube video of the Anime Falcon punch and several Urban dictionary entries.

From Urban dictionary:

Verb: Shouting “Falcon Punch!” when you punch some one.

Noun: A massively powerful and destructive punch made famous byCaptain Falcon, the main character from the F-zero game and anime series; characterized by a giant flaming falcon surrounding Captain Falcon’s fist when he uses it. The falcon punch is so powerful that if 2 falcon punches collided, the universe would divide by 0 and implode upon itself.

The Macguyver Tornado punch remix:

Random image search results for falcon punch:

get it..??? Street fighter II???

This is why nerds love Deadpool comics

More urban dictionary entries (mostly sexual):

Sex move derived from Nintendo’s Captain Falcon. While doggy-styling a girl, the guy yells “FALCON PUUNNCH!” and immediately pulls out and penetrates the girl’s anal so she can feel what it’s like to be Falcon Punch’d in-game.

While railing a chick from behind, conspicuoulsy wrap your hand in a cloth pre-doused with a flammable liquid of your choice. Light the cloth on fire and then pull out like your ready to give her your load. As she turns around, get down on one knee and shout “Falcon Puuunch” and proceed to punch her in the face with your hand on fire.

A finishing sexual position. Bed doggystyle. When the male is in the process of ejaculation, he shouts, “FALCON PUNCH” and thrusts with all his might, consequently knocking his partner off of the bed and decreasing her stock by one.

1. a move used by Captain Falcon from the F-Zero series; a destructive punch that when launched takes the form of a flaming falcon

2. a internet meme that is referred to as the strongest thing in the world and can not be rivaled by anything, commonly used as something to destroy something the user finds useless or annoying; internet meme used to ban something


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