Some people are stupid

That’s kind of a harsh title, but I still think it is somewhat appropriate after seeing a link that said “10 of the greatest unresolved mysteries“.  Here’s my problem with it.  Several of the “mysteries” on the list have been completely resolved, especially the one pictured above.

I don’t take a lot of issue with the substance of each entry but I do take exception with what was left on and what was left off the list.  If this was a list of the top 10 conspiracy theories, than putting the moon landing on the list and the theory that the tsunami that devastated many of the countries along the Indian ocean was triggered by a nuclear bomb should totally be included. But, if you are making a list of truly on answered mysteries like the WOW signal, you can’t put the moon landing right after it.

The wow signal, really is unexplained and well documented.  The moon landing on the other hand is totally explained, proved, real and it’s extensive documentation includes information debunking many of the conspiracy theories that surrounds it.   BTW, if you want to see a 2 min video by Stephan Hawkings describing the WOW signal than go here:

I should also point out that the WOW signal plays a minor role and serves as partial inspiration for the alien invasion book i’m writing.

It just frustrates me that people still lend credence to the conspiracy theory that we didn’t go to the moon, 9/11 was orchestrated by the government, or that a secret race of alien lizards in human disguises rule the world.

Seriously, some people really believe this! It would be kind of awesome though.

What really angers me is that people will do so much research on 9/11 and all the proof that shows it couldn’t have been done by terrorists, but then they refuse to dig just a little bit further and read any of the information that adequate explains how the conspiracy proof is flawed or inaccurate.

Just watch the mybuster’s episode where they prove that we landed on the moon, or read the article from popular mechanics disproving the 9/11 conspiracy theories.


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