Upcoming posts

So here are some of the posts I would like to write about in the near future:

My favorite “Holy Sh!T” moments in TV history  (let’s be clear, this is only my TV history, so that whole Henry Blake chopper crash BS isn’t going to be on the list – although seriously that was a really shocking TV moment)

Movie review for Chloe (the majority of this review will probably just be me saying “Holy shit is Amanda Seyfried hot” over and over and over)


Movie review for She’s out of my League (same review as Chloe but put Alice Eve’s name in place of Amanda Syfried)


My thoughts on why Treme sucks so hard (it really doesn’t suck that hard, but I think it’s far from good)

Musings on what this coming season of Sons of Anarchy might hold in store. (hint someone who isn’t a “bad ass biker”, finally puts Jax in his place)

in real life you know you'd call him a douche bag

In depth analysis on the no just kidding, i’m not going to do anything in depth. Everything here will be pretty much just written on the fly.


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