Rednecks and poker

I played a $10 160 player tournament on Noble poker last night but didn’t finish in the money. I started with 1000 chips and never got higher than 1200 at any point. I also never got a pocket pair but still made it to 32nd place where i busted out. I was happy with how I played but If you play for almost two hours you would think you would get at least one pocket pair, or maybe even AK. Oh well. the top 20 paid but I had no choice but to go all in trying to steal blinds with A3 suited and got called by Q9. two nines on the board sealed my fate.

That was last night. This morning i got up early to celebrate christmas with the family. My sister and her ex. boyfriend got me a jeff foxworthy redneck calendar. i was reading through it and found a couple that reminded me of Mace.

You Might be a Red Next (tom mace) if…

  • You’ve ever had your picture taken next to a Dale Earnhardt Coke Machine.
  • You think the last four words of the national anthem are “Gentlemen, start your engines.”
  • Your cell phone plays “Sweet home Alabama.”
  • Locating everyone for your class reunion took less than an hour.
  • Your kids’ school bags have dale earnhardt stickers on them.
  • Your TV gets 512 channels, but you go outside to use the bathroom.
  • You practice holds on your dog while watching TV wrestling.
  • Your car has never had a full tank of gas. (ok that one is for Ray)

There was also one that said something to the affect that you know a sock can be used as a substitue of toilet paper.

Happy holidays



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