fairly kickass week so fat

Ok so the begining of the week started out kind of slow since everything i worked on last week at work was suppose to start this week, but will get pushed back till janurary. Great. That means i had nothing to really work on this week. Instead of just sleeping at work I decided to develop a new database for my department that will track and automate a bunch of the little mundane stuff we do for each training class. Plus this way it will be fater, easier and have reporting capabilites.

In order to get all of the functionality out of the database that I wanted I first had to learn how to do some minor Visual Basic for applications programing. I got the hand of the old Dim stament and put some Me!qryStudentSelection.requery here and there, and BAM. A kick ass piece of programing ready to go into a user friendly form. Sweet. Wait a minute, but my reports won’t calculate the way I want them to. Well then I whiped out a book on SQL programing and put in a little SELECT with a dash of FROM, and a pinch of WHERE and i got a query that can calculate totals the way i want before they go into the reporst. That’s what I’m talking about.

So work was good and so was everything in FNF land. Wednesday night was the first ever FNF online tournament held at noble poker. When I signed up for the tournament the form i filled out had 8:00 as the time of the tournament. I figured that was late enough for most people to be home from work. So i told everyone is started at 8:00, and even when i and mike h, fiddler, six, or anyone else sign up did we notice the start time was set for 7:00. So we needed a minimum of 10 people to play the tournament and it was 2 of 7 before we got roco’s sister registerd as the 10th player.

Luckily everyone got to the tournament on time (an hour early) and we started at 7:05. The tournament didn’t take very long, and i was happy with a 3rd place finish and a $20 profit. Sean (from tamaqua) finished in 1st with a $80 profit, and fiddler (from the world tavern poker tour that six plays) finished in 2nd for a $60 profit. I was glad to see that Rocco’s sister played well since it was her first time playing online. She came in 5th, two short of the money. This first tournament was $20 but future tournaments will probably be only $5 or $10 so that we can get more people playing.

As far as christmas presents go I think I got some good ones for the few people i get presents for. So that’s another plus.

I just finished a book tonight. It’s called 1776 and is about the year 1776 in america. It focuses exclusively around the revolutionary war lead by General Washington. It was a really good book, filled with an insane number of quotes and refrences. I really liked reading about how the soldiers viewed washington as a leader. Granted there were times when he was indecisive and there was a possibility of another General taking over command after the retreate from New York. Still, most soldiers who saw him were awe struck. I need to start awe strucking people.

I also saw a kickass movie last night which i’ve wanted to see for a while. It’s called 4 brothers and is about the 4 adopted sons of a social worker. Well the mother gets killed in what looks like a robbery, but it turns out to be a hit. The 4 brothers who have been leading somewhat innocent lives thanks to the influence of their mother, come home and avenge her death. Granted it doesn’t sound like a great movie if you read that, but then again try reading a snyopsis for the god father, ET, Star Wars, or the Usual Suspects. Any movie that has to be summed up in a two scentence blurb will sound stupid.

Tomorrow after work i’m going to go down to hanover area and meet up with Stutz and Murphy. I haven’t seen Murphy in over 2 years so it should be a good time. We’ll probably just end up drinking at the inn town where Casey works. He’ll get a discount on some shots. Hopefully this time when I do a flaming Dr. Pepper my hand won’t catch on fire.



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