Poker and random thoughts

So tomorrow is the first ever FNF online event. To hold the event we need at least 10 players to register by 8:00 pm tomorrow night. So far there are 5 people registed at the site and there are a bunch of people who have said they are going to play. Aside from the 5 that are registerd six says that one person he knows is a deffinate while Chise and one other guys are still up in the air. The one guy I work with is going to see if noble poker supports MAC and if it does he’s in. I also talked with two of the women I work with and there is a possiblity they might play as well. Rocco is probably going to play, but something might come up at the last minute. Kantner will play as long as his internet connection is working, and Ray will play if he gets home in time from the work party he has to go to. One of the mace brothers will probably be playing but it would be better if they would both be able to play.

So if hypothetically all of those people signed up that would bring our total to 16.

Hopefully some of these people invite their friends. I know that Tobey has a bunch of poker playing friends, so it would be great if some of them would want to sign up. I know the one woman where I work said that most of her friends play as well. (on a side not this woman is one of the most attractive women i’ve ever met who i will nevvveerrrr flirt with. her boyfriend is evidently some 11th degree blackbelt, and as many of you know I can’t fight and would openly cry if ever punched in the face.) Most of mace’s friends up in tamaqwa play as well, so I’d like to see them play eventhough they are all a bunch of redneck hillbillies. Ok that’s an overexageration but i still hate the amount of camo i see whenever I vist the Mace estate.

If you lost the link to noble poker here it is. Once you sign up there you can deposti moeny and then sign up for the FNF winter wonder land tournament located under the special section of the tournament section. The password is “FNF” all in caps but without the quotes.

Ok this has nothing to do with poker but, I went to the mall with Gamble on sunday cause I was bored and he needed to buy his girl friend a diamond necklace for Christmas. So I immediatly becasme bored as he kept asking for my advice on which hear shape necklace looked the best. As soon as my ADD started to kick in I headed over to the watches section. I started looking at the guys watches while at the same time reminding myself that I am poor with no prospects of BLING in the future. I thought about how rappers have insanely expensive watches covered in diamonds.

Feeling jelous of nelly and Jay Z, I decided to trick myself into thinking that dimond covered wrist watches are stupid since diamonds are for women. Granted I only thought this because I’m poor. Kind of like how every time I get shot down by an attractive woman, I just tell myself that I really didn’t want her anyways. The word bitch or lesbian usually pop up to help reinforce my asinide stance. Anyway I started to think “Hey what would a real manly watch be like, if it wasn’t going to have diamonds on it?” So here are the features that a REAL MAN’S watch should have:

Leather strap – You also get a piece of steak from the cow that was killed in order to make the leather on your man’s watch
SteeL Casing – The steel comes from pittsburg as does a case of “Iron City” beer to help wash down the stake.
PLexiGlass cover – Instead of delicate/pussyfied glass we use plexiglass to cover the face of the watch. This way your watch won’t get scratched or broken next time your loading up the back of your Super Duty Truck with random pieces of metal, wood, stone, and brick.
Oak Face Plate – That’s right, the face plate will be real oak with the numbers burned into the wood. Plus you can take satisfaction when you show a tree hugging hippie that a tree was “murdered” just so that you could have a watch worthy of a lumber jack.
Granite Hands – The hands on this watch will be made of polished granite. No wait make that unpolished granite. Or maybe fake unpolished granite if it is too hard to make granite into tiny hands for a wrist watch.
Alchol Batery – As opposed to most other batteries running on ankaline, our battery will run off of rum or beer.
Only men can sell the watch – Well actually only men, or large brested women who know what’s good for them. Also any man who is licened to sell the watch must at no point in his life ever worked at a mall department store like the gap, structure, or bed bath and beyond. If you try to point out that bed bath and beyond is not a clothing store then you are automatically inelligable for ownership of the Man’s Watch.
Tank Gears – Every gear in the Man’s Watch is made from recycled WWII tank parts. The only Exception is the sports model which has gears made up from recycled M16s.

Any suggestions on how to improve the MAN’s Watch are appreciated as long as your not a skirt wearing sissy pants commie.

Ok I gotta go bake some brownies for the pot luck holiday work party tomorrow. I’m going to put just a hint of peanut butter and caramel into mine.



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