Dope night for FNF

Friday night was a great night for me eventhough I dropped to 8 fo 10 in money finishes after being knocked out around 80 th place way short of the money. The reason it was a dope night was because 4 out of the 7 fnfers at the Pennbrook tournament finished in the money. I wish it had been 7 of 7 but that’s unrealistic since there were 127 players and only the top 18 places paid. Still I was really impressed with everyone of those guys in the money. E-Mace came in 13th which was great concidering he never had more than 3800 chips. T-Mace on the other hand had over 7000 at the first break but wasn’t able to really do much after the break with the chip lead. He finished the best out of the fnfers taking down 9th place when he went all in with KK against another all in with KK and one more person who had them both covered with A something. Well the flop was A 9 7 i think. This gave T-Mace 0 outs after the flop. That sucks.

Ray finished in 12th after getting short stacked with very little options, he did wish everyone a happy holiday as he busted people out throught the tournament though. Six went into the break with only 1000 chips, and was up to over 11,000 only an hour later. He lasted till 11th. Six had a shot at winning the tournament but he got tangled up in a tough situation when he was in the big blind. The small blind had been stealing six’s blinds, so after the small double the big blind six called with J 10 off. I probably would have made the same play i’m sure. The flop comes down A J x. The small blind checks, and six moves all in. Six had the small covered, and the small blind calls immediatly. The small had A x (x being pretty small) and held up to win the hand. I think Six lost something like 7000 on that hand, which severly crippled him.

Some other things to note about this event.
– Mike H made his first pennbrook apperance along with E-Mace’s first apperance.
– Noze somehow never payed his $25 entry fee.
– Pops was down to 80 chips put quadrupled up to 320 only to get nocked out on the very next hand.
– Six was ready to punch out the people at his one table because they kept trying to correct six on the amount of money that was supposed to be in the pot. Of course they were all wrong and six was right. Six actually had to give a complete recap of all the action on the hand for the rest of the table to final understand that six was right.
– Six was even more ready to punch out the table on the next hand when they once against questioned six, eventhough six was once again clearly right.
– To celebrate the fnf sucess we all hit up the Colonial Park Dinner after T-Mace busted out.
– i stepped in a pot hole filled with water on the way to the tournament, so my right foot was soggy and turned wrinkle toward the end of the tournament.
– the wilfered brimly lookalike remembers my name, but I don’t remember his real name.
– Herman (Stutz Sr.) has been nominated as an honorary FNF member by me and ray. He finised in 15th place I think.

One other thing to note is the mathmatical problem six presented to me and Noze. Six asked if there are 8 fnfers and 18 starting tables. What are the odds that two FNFers end up at the same starting table. Three fnfers ended up at the same table but that is only cause the tamaqua chapter of FNF showed up 1 minute before the start of the tournament. Well i don’t know statistics but i do know programing, so I built a Visual Basic program to tell me what the percentage was. Now in the interests of time I only built the program to analyse 5 players out of 18 tables. Plus I never fully learned visual basic, and the last time i used it was 4 years ago, so this was more of a learning exercise than anything. So I break about my “Automating Microsoft Acces with VBA” book so that I had some clue as to what I was doing. Well below is the program i wrote.

Private Function test()
Dim players As Integer
Dim tables As Integer
Dim Total As Integer
Dim laps As Integer
Dim lapsA As Double
Dim lapsB As Double
Dim lapsC As Double
Dim lapsD As Double
Dim lapse As Double
Dim A As Integer
Dim B As Integer
Dim C As Integer
Dim D As Integer
Dim E As Integer
Dim f As Integer
Dim CounterTotal As Double
Dim Counter As Double
players = 8
tables = 18
Total = 0
laps = 0
A = 0
Counter = 0
For laps = 1 To 18
A = laps
For laps A = 1 To 18
B = lapsA
For lapsB = 1 To 18
C = lapsB
For lapsC = 1 To 18
D = lapsC
For lapsD = 1 To 18
E = lapsD
For lapse = 1 To 18
D = lapse
CounterTotal = CounterTotal + 1
If A = B Then Counter = Counter + 1
If A = C Then Counter = Counter + 1
If A = D Then Counter = Counter + 1
If A = E Then Counter = Counter + 1
If A = f Then Counter = Counter + 1
If B = C Then Counter = Counter + 1
If B = D Then Counter = Counter + 1
If B = E Then Counter = Counter + 1
If B = E Then Counter = Counter + 1
If C = D Then Counter = Counter + 1
If C = E Then Counter = Counter + 1
If C = f Then Counter = Counter + 1
If E = D Then Counter = Counter + 1
If E = f Then Counter = Counter + 1
If f = D Then Counter = Counter + 1
Next lapse Next lapsD Next lapsC Next lapsB Next lapsANext laps
Debug.Print “Results”
Debug.Print CounterTotal
Debug.Print Counter
End Function

Not very pretty, but i told Six that with 6 players there would be a 55% chance of there being two of us at one table. Well driving back from the dinner friday night i realized I made a huge error in my programing. Basically what i did in the program is say ok take player a b c d e f and first place them all at table one, then take them and place all of them at table one except f who will be at table 2, then repeat and put f at table 3. This loop would keep repeating till every possible scenario would come out. In each loop after the players were assigned a seat i would compare where they are sitting and anytime there were more than one fnfer at the same table a counter would add one to its running total. There was also a counter adding up the total number of scenarios. So to find the percentage I was taking the number of scenarios where more than one fnfer was at the same table and dividing it by the total number of scenarios.

Here’s the problem. When counting the number of scenarios where there were multiple fnfers at the same table i was sometimes counting a scenario double. Let’s say that Players A and B were at table 3 and players C and D were at table 7. I would count this as two instead of just one. So the section where I have all of the If statments, should have been put into an If then else format so that if at any point any If statment is true than it adds one to the counter and moves on without comparing any of the other subsequent logic statments.

I was so pissed about this that I actually went into work on Saturday to double check that I was wrong, which I was. So now what I’m really wondering is if there is a better way to do the if then else statment. Oh well Noze should be hearing back from his professor about how the mathmatical forumula for this should work. My guess is that it is around a mid to high 40s maybe into the 50s but i’m not sure.

I tried to reprogram my logic with the correct if then else statments, but for somereason the macros have been disabled because of the security settings.



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