Bill O’Reilly gets put in clown shoes (Osama’ homo abortion pot and commie jizzporium)

John Stewart completly owns Bill O’Reilly

What is amazing is that everyone who loves Bill O’Reilly will never see this, or if they did, they would still come up with some excuse for why Bill is not completly full of shit.

Couple other points that should be brought up.

1. You have to admit that it is somewhat insulting that we make everyone take Christmas off but not Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King did things in this country that affect everyone. Jesus Christ on the other hand is a religous figure that not everyone believes in. I’m Chrisitan, but I don’t think it’s fair that budhist, Jews, Hindus, or Native Americans have to celebrate one of my religous holidays, especially when hick southern.. and northern states won’t celebrate a civil rights hero.

2. Christmas has become commercialised but that doesn’t mean it is under attack. If you believe that christmas means blah blah blah, then keep on beliving that and celebrating that. Just becasue people use “Happy holidays” to push merchandice doesn’t mean that it is going to affect your religion. In fact if something like commercialism affects your religion, than how sacred is it really.

3. Osama’s homobortion pot and commie jizzporium is one of the funniest things ever said in the history of man kind.

4. There is a war on christmas. It’s being held in Iraq and chances are it will be held next christmas too.

5. Too much emphasis is placed on Christmas concidering it’s not the main christian holiday. Easter is what it’s all about for christians.

6. Just because something is secular “absence of religion” doesn’t mean it’s bad or immoral. I once heard a professor of religion say that there is not one law in affect today that isn’t based off of the 10 commandments. The professor was a devout christian and he was trying to explain why the 10 commandments should be left in a court house. Well adultry is one of those things that is in the 10 commandments but i’ve never heard of anyone going to jail for that, same goes with honoring your mother and father. Plus monopoly laws kind of seem to go against the “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” commandment. That sounds like a monopoly to me. For something to be good it doesn’t have to be religous, and for something to be bad it doesn’t mean it has to have an absence of religion.

7. The Daily show is the perfect blend of insighfulness, intellegence, wit, and comedy.



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