Thoughts on bret favre

I was watching Bret give an interview on ESPN where he was talking about his future with the packers, and his legacy. While watching this I realized why he has been a great QB over the years. He has a backup mentality when it comes game time. Here’s what I mean.

Backup QBs are some of the best performing QBs until they become starters. Think about just recent history and you can find tons of 2nd string or 3rd string QBs that have steped in for a game or two and over performed. The reason for this is the backup knows that they don’t have a lot of pressure on them. If the backup QB doesn’t win, then oh well, he’s the back up, he’s not really suppose to. An example would be kelly holcomb in Clevland when he took over for Tim Couch. he played great for a while, that is until he became the starter.

A back up has nothing to loose so they play loose and relaxed. That’s how Favre has been playing ever since he took over for the Majik man in Greenbay. this also means that he has incredible games, and occasionaly terible terible games. it also makes him tons of fun to watch play. The best game I ever saw Favre play, was the monday night game after his father past awayed. But if you really look at some of the big plays in that game, his receivers made some great plays. When Favre has talent he is able to get a lot out of his receivers and backs because they take on his attitude. Right now he doesn’t have that talent so a lot of his gambles aren’t paying off and the whole team is suffering.

It will be interesting to see if he comes back next year. I think he’ll try one more year hoping to just have a fun winning season to go out on. i don’t think he’ll come back trying to get a superbowl, but he will come back if he knows he’ll have some talent to work with and have fun with.



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