one of the gayest posts I will ever make

For whatever reason, I was thinking about some of my man crushes today. Actually I know why I was thinking about them. This weekend I finally saw kicking and screaming one of the latest will ferrel movies, plus I saw anchor man which i hadn’t seen in several months. Well first off, Mike Ditka played a great cameo. He did a great job of poking fun at himself. Ferrel did a great job of exagerating mike’s mannerisms to suit his own charachter. The funniest parts of the movie are the out takes though.

Anyways back to the man crushes. As many of you know I have a man crush on will ferrel. Just like will ferrel’s charachter in kicking and screaming had a man crush on Mike Ditka. Another way of explaining a man crush is to look at the SNL skit with the superfans. The four chicago guys who were huge into the bears and the bulls. they all had man crushes on Mike ditka. Or if you ever watched Seinfeld and saw the episode where george developed a man crush on Elains boy friend played by Dan Cortez. or for the people who went to LVC, T-Mace had a man crush on me my freshman year. In all of these situations one guy very much admired another guy and just wanted to be around him, or be like him. It’s not a sexual thing…. except with T-Mace but that’s cause he has all kinds of latent homosexual tendancies that I never want to be apart of.

Sooooooooo, for some reason I tried to rationalize my many man crushes as if they were actual boy / girl relationships. Like if I was a woman and the man in my man crush was.. a man. granted this will sound fruity, but I think it’s funny to think in these terms.

Will Ferrel – Never a serious relationship although he always makes me laugh and I enjoy his company. the problem is that there is no physical attraction. More of a BFF than anything else.

Jet Lee – He’s the bad boy that I purposely try to make jelous so that he will go beat up other guys who look at me. He’s just a fling, just for fun. The lack of communication keeps it from being anything serious.

Vince Vaughn – One of the first man crushes. Will always have feelings for this man crush but I know it will never work out because he cheats once he starts to get bored. Just look at weding crashers, he’s fun and everything, but he’s not a good guy. Plus the remake of Pyscho was terrible.

Denzel Washinton – While I’m a huge fan of his work and am always impressed with what he does, there just isn’t any laughter. I mean he’s the black tom hanks without any comedy. Throw in some comedy and he’s a keeper, but I can’t be with someone who is always that serious.

Joe Montana – He’s the good looking jock that everybody loves. The safe bet if I was ever going to settle down and choose just one man crush, but the age difference is just too aparant now that he’s doing all the Icy/Hot commercials.

Artie Lang – One of my favorite man crushes, but I always feel like I had to justify my man crush to all of my friends. They just didn’t see what I saw. Of course now that he’s on Howard Stern every morning I have to compete with all the other guys who have man crushes on his too. I’d probably feel a little more serious about this man crush if he wasn’t moving to Sirus, which i’m not paying for. Long distance man crushes rarely work.

Tom Rathman – He is all that is man!!!!

And so ends the gayest post I have ever made.


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