Randomness with a chances of afternoon fluries

The crappiest thing in my opinion is trying to drive a 2 wheel rear wheel drive truck up an unplowed hill on your way to work, while every radio station keeps playing upbeat christmas music. Plus this snow sucked because penndot tried a new approach when it came to clearing the roads. instead of plowing the intier road they would just plow a couple miles then stop then plow another couple miles.. then stop and then repeate this process over and over again. So you’d be driving along at a nice pace and then all of a sudden all of the cars would loose control as you hit the section that for no apparent reason wasn’t plowed. Oh and I don’t even want to talk about the on ramps.

Tonight I plan on playing poker, and winning. I want to win so I can use that $500 1st place prize to buy a realy cheap 4×4 suv that can tear through the snow. Or maybe i’ll take the $500 and take that down to AC and play some NL Hold’em and turn it into $1500 and buy a less crappy 4×4. Or maybe I’ll take that $1500 and go to vegas and play in the $1500 nl WSOP Holdem tournament with E-Mace and win that. With a pay day close to half a mil, I could just buy a house in arizona where it never snows. I’d still probably buy a crappy SUV since that was the goal from the beggining, but at this point a crappy SUV would be a used 2003 Explorer.

If I did move out to arizona I’d still keep the truck for haulin stuff in the back, and the suv would be good for off roading in the desert, plus i’ll assume it has a tow package. I will need a sporty car though since it will be sunny all the time and I want to enjoy the desert air with the top down. I’m thinking I’ll want to get something sporty and new, plus I’ll want to get an old muscle car. So the question is, do I want the new or old car to be the convertable? I’m thinking I will buy either a new or slightly used mustang GT 2005 or 06. or maybe I might get the new charger that dodge is comming out with. Which ever one is the the rommiest i’ll go with. For the old muscle car, I’ll get an old black thunderbird convertable. You know the one with the tail fins. it’s classic but isn’t as common as the camaro or mustangs.

So Last year Allen Cunningham won $725,405 at the WSOP when he finished in first of the $1500 buy in NL tournament. Let’s just say I win $800,000 to make it even.

New House in Arizona – $200,000 (I just want a modest place)
Mustang GT – $30,000 (maybe more maybe less depending on available options)
Old T-Bird – $50,000 (I might buy it cheap but pay through the nose to have it pimped out)
03 Explorer – $20,000 (This might be a little cheaper but I want to over budget)
Moving Expenses and pimping out the house $100,000 (The house is going to be not to big but have some kick ass stuff)

So Right now i got $400,000 left. So I would probably put all of that in the bank and save it, Plus i’d hit probably go back to college. Maybe become a Sundevil. So look for all this to happen within the next 8 months or so.



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