Poker and fun weekend

I spent some time last night going over I figure that there are two weeks worth of design before the site is completed. Last night I built a page for the Creekside tournament. is where players will be directed to sign up for real money accounts at party poker, jetset, empire, or pacific with referal money going back to creekside. Hopefully both I and Creekside can make some money from this. I sent the guy who runs creekside an email today outlining my plan. Hopefully they are interested.

Speaking of poker and I was looking over my winnings that I was tracking on that site, and adding it together with the winnnings from being tracked on and have estimated that i’ve made about $5000.00 this year on poker. I’ve made about $1000 at these local tournaments at either peenbrook or creekside. I’ve made about $1000 at vegas and $1500 at AC. Plus I made over $1500 online at jetset, party, and pacific poker.

I think that I should put a guide to online poker on so that all of the players at the creekside tournament can read that, play well, win money, and make me and creekside some money.

Aside from making money this weekend at pennbrook, I also got to hang out with one of my best friends from highschool. Brandon was one of my best friends in HS but he went to college in pittsburg and is now living out there so i don’t get to see him very much. For some reason back in HS I thought that his dad was in the mob… eventhough his dad isn’t italian. Anyways one of my favorite stories is of Brandon watching the Godfather with his dad and getting sage advice.

Brandon and his dad were watching the godfather, and his dad I guess had a couple glasses of wine in him. the scene came on when a young vitto corlion shot some dude in the back of the head and then a couple more times for good messure. Brandon’s dad after seeing this asks his son “So what did that teach you?” Brandon having just watched a mob hit in one of the most acclaimed movies of all time is utterly confused at the question. Brandon’s dad then responce with “If your going to do a job, make sure you do it right.”

That’s some great advice.


One thought on “Poker and fun weekend

  1. i’m assuming since u are up so much that you are going to claim these winnings on your tax return. I”m assuming you are in the 15% percent tax bracket (this means u make between 14,601 and 59,400 per year). I”m also assuming you are a PA resident (3.07% tax rate). this means after taxes you are only up 4096.50. 6

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