7 for 8 and over a grand in profit

I had actually planed on getting some sleep tonight but I was just so frustrated that I decided to post this entry. The reason I’m frustrated isn’t because I did poorly. I’m very happy with 14th out of 160 for $85 ($60 profit). Plus I’m pumped that Yebot made it into the money and that Ray almost made it in, and six and kant both made it past the first break. I’m not frustrated because I caught a bad beat or was out played, neither of those things happend. I’m just frustrated because I really didn’t get any cards.

With these tournaments there is usually and ebb and flow in the way the cards go. You will run dry and then pick up a couple big hands in a row, but with tournament I played for 4 hours and my best hands were 77 very early on but had to fold after 4 callers to the flop of j 10 K. Then my best hands aside from that were, AJ once, AK twice, and KQ once. First of all, I hate all of these hands except for 77. People over play and put way too much value in all of those hands excpetially AK. Plus the 77 came at the begining of the tournament when it is useless with cheap blinds.

To make up for the bad cards I actually got lucky on two of my all ins. Usually I don’t need to get lucky to do well since I try and put myself in very favorable situations. But since I wasn’t getting any cards I had to go all in short stacked with KQ against a slightly larger stacked AQ. I got a straight on the river and doubled up with the blinds at 200 400. I then doubled up from 3200 up to 7100 when I raised with AJ off but am called by 99 in the big blind. I hit an Ace on the turn and basically knock that guy out.

But the more I think about my play and the postitions I was placed in I don’t think that was the source of my frustration. The source of my frustration came from having so many annoying personalities at my tables.

First I start out with this Hitler look alike with a nuclear power plant security shirt on. Well if this guy works security at a nuclear power plant, than I am moving into the appalachian mounts, or somewhere a 1000 miles away from TMI. The thing that annoyed me about this guy is that he acted like he had some great depth of knowledge of poker and had no problem imparting his wisdom on others. The problem was that almost everything he said was wrong… or just plan stupid. So stupid. Damn I hated that guy.

Here’s an example of what he would do. The guy sitting to hitler’s right raised the pot by sliding his bet into the pot. Now you shouldn’t do that, instead you should say the amount of the raise and set the chips in front of you. That way it’s easier than figureing out how much you did or didn’t put in the pot blah blah blah. If you know anything about poker you will learn this early on, and hitler told this guy that he should just put it out in front of him instead oftossing it into the pot. Ok That’s fine if Hitler HADN’T TOSSED HIS CHIPS INTO THE POT EVERY SINGLE TIME HE BET OR CALLED. EVERY GOD DAMN TIME. Then at one point he ends up heads up in a pot after the river card comes down. his opponenet a blad guy to my life had to act first. He checks which means that if hitler checks they show their hands and the best hand wins. Of course if hitler bets than the bald guy will be forced to call or fold… or possibly raise. So the best possible hand on the board was a straight. hitler checks and shows the straight. The other guy had a pair. He says he checked thinking hitler was going to bet. Hitler than says “Yeah I checked hoping you would raise so I could re-raise”. WHAT A GOD DAMN MORON. He can’t check and then raise after you check. There is no such play where you check raise yourself.

Plus Hitler kept on trying to mention terms like open ended draw… which should only refer to having 4 cards in a row and needing one more to make a straight. Instead hitler took this to mean that when he called my top pair bet with 9 10 2 on the board (the J and a 4 in his hand) that he had an open ender striaght draw. Usually open ender doesn’t refer to needing runner runner to catch a striaght.

So hitler put me on an emotional tilt, then a new guy comes to the table who talked about his hands and theory as much as hitler, but at least this guy knew what he was talking about. I was beyond annoyed at this point because this guy constantly talked about how unlucky he got or what a good laydown he made or blah blah blah that I could have punched him. Look I think I’m better than most other players, but I don’t think that i’d be one of the best players if luck wasn’t against me. You could tell that’s what this guy probaly thought.

Then I get moved to a new table and am joined by someone who had to announce every single action that was going on at the table. Look i’m all for helping people figure out what the all in would cost them, or helping with counting out the side pot. This guy though would mention how much it cost every person to call when it was their turn to act. Plus he would always put his hands into the pot and count up the chips to make sure it was right even if he wasn’t in the hand. At one point the guy beside him got pissed because this tournament director in training or whatever he thought he was, kept trying to verify the all in raise he just made. This annoying guy wasn’t in the hand so all he was doing was confusing the people who were in the hand who were plenty capable of handling the all in by themself.

Look, I get annoyed when people don’t know how o play or do something wrong. I like the idea of giving these people pointers or advice in a constructive manner. But there is a group of players who try to take the role that a dealer in a casino would take. If i’m in a hand I will do some of these things just because.. it’s my chips or I want to make sure that blah blah blah. That’s my porogative. But these people will count your chips when you go all in even though they aren’t in the hand. That’s wrong. Some people might need that help but let them ask for it if you aren’t in the hand.

I hope these people don’t have kids. I’d have to guess that if this annoying guy had a son he’d probably hold his son’s wang when he goes to the bathroom to make sure he get’s it all in the toilet… at age 15. Probably cuts the kids pork chops for him… at the high school cafateria. Man those guys really annoyed the piss out of me now that I think about it.

Oh well at least I finished in the money and have placed my winnings over $1000 for the last 8 weeks.

I gotta get some sleep
Pennbrook Pops


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