I rented a video game called GUN this week and have ridden the shit out of it everyday after work. It’s all about this Cowboy who’s father is killed because he knew some ancient secret. Well you go out for revenge as you learn more and more about your “pah”. It wasn’t an amazingly cool game at first but it got better. First you start out just ridding around killing people when you had to. Then you get to Dodge City and all hell breaks loose. You start to go on bounty hunting missions. You play poker tournaments… and cheat at them. You bang a hooker after you save her life. You can go around shooting townspeople. If you hit them in the head from close range you can blow their head clean off.

Plus you get ton’s of dope real weopens as you progress through the game. At one point when you realize that going around killing inidians is wrong and you join their side, you actually get to hunt things with a bow and arrow. It’s kind of like a realy hard core version of Oregon Trail. Overall I’d say it’s a fairly kickass game. I have no idea why I wrote all of this but if you feel like shooting people in the head and then mining gold, and then sliting peoples throught with a tomahawk, and then scalping bandits who tried to rough up one of the dancing hores at the saloon, then this game is for you.


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