Cubicle CockRoach

Ok I know this is kind of stealing from the latest Dilbert but I got ambushed by a cubicle cockroach today right before the end of work. A cubicle cockroach is a coworker who stops by but won’t leave. There is always something else they can talk about. It’s kind of like that show Columbo with Peter Faulk as the detective. Just when you thought he was about to leave he’d say “Oh just one more thing” and he’d ask some brilliant question.

Well close to the time i was going to leave a larger woman… who’s name I don’t remember stoped in at my cube on her way out. Because she’s not attractive i don’t remember her name, and I don’t feel like talking to her for more than 3 and a quarter minutes. She started telling me about how she got a new job within the company… almost interesting news. Then she started to leave but quickly turn around to comment on how her one friend enjoyed my last training class. Once again that was almost interesting but unfortunatly her friend is 60 years old and not a hot 20 something year old. After that story she almost left two more times but stoped to tell me another almost interesting story.

This wouldn’t have been nearly as annoying if her stories were either really boring or at the very least kind of interesting. but they were all in the midle. “My son’s friend came over to my house yesterday and pulled out a gun” ok good start “it was one of those toy water guns that he got blah blah blah…” Damn her. That could have been a good story if only she would have completly changed the ending to something where someone gets killed or at least mortally wounded.

I also had another terrible thought at work today. Not as bad as the grahm cracker thought I had a while ago, but still pretty bad. One of the few really hot women here walked buy and the thought poped into my head that “All hot women should be forced to work naked at all times”. It’s a rediculous Idea, but when it went through my mind it felt as if it was as a completly rational and very sane conclusion based off of logic and science, that if I mentioned it out loud would have been accepted by most fortune 500 corporations. thank God I didn’t say this out loud because… I would have been fired I’m sure, plus the idea is really demeaning to women so I have no idea why I thought it. Actually i’m a sad and lonely man, and that’s the specific reason i thought of it i’m sure.

tomorrow is another poker night, and hopefully another money finish for Pennbrook pops. Hopefully some of you will turn out for the tournament.



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