Quick overview of money finish and more nicknames

I’m not sure if people actually care about how i make it into the money and what my hand selection is and blah blah blah, so I’m just going to give a very highlevel overview this time. If anyone wants any more information I’ll post it on request.

I do nothing for the first half hour or so till I check with KQ off in the big blind. The flop comes A Q Q. I check. Two more checks and someone goes all in. He only had 500 left so I rerais all in with my 1100. everyone folds, he shows A 5. I hold on and win. the table is broken up and I end up at Ray’s table just as he moves all in for 300 chips. He shows AK after he’s called by KJ. Ray win’s and doubles up to 600.

With blinds at 20 40 I raise to 120 when one person calls from early position. I didnt noticed she called or i would have folded. Everyone folds to her and she calls. The flop is A x x and she bets. 200. I raise it up to 500 and she calls. We check down to the river. I’m affraid she has Aces up, but she shows pocket Kings. I almost felt like I put a bad beat on her till i remembered that she played the kings terribly. The call in early isn’t bad just as long as you re raise after I raise.

The next big hand had nothing to do with me. Ray raises to 300 with the blinds now at 50 and 100. There are three callers. The flop comes down A 5 7. Ray bets 300 and gets called by one woman. The turn is another 5. He bets another 300. She calls. The river is a queen. Ray goes all in for 400, and gets called. He shows pocket 5s giving him quads. Ray and I have no idea what this lady had, oh well. I was still amazed that ray was able to get all of his chips in without having to slow play. Infact I think if he had slow played he wouldn’t have been able to get anything out of it.

Ray is close to 3000 at the break and I’m at 1500. We return from break and our fortunes are reversed. Ray calls and all in with 88. A king comes on the flop pairing the AK his opponent had in his hand. This brought ray down to 1800 or so I think. The blinds really started to dig into him after that. I stole one set of blinds to stay at 1500. Then when I was at 1200 I go all in from middle postition with A 9 off. The blind already has 400 in so it costs him 800 more to call. I don’t know why he calls but he does and shows Q 4 of hearts. I catch an ace and he is drawing dead on the river. I’m up to 2600 with 25 people left, when ray busts out. He was down to only 700 chips and didn’t have a lot of options.

It’s now down to 20 people when the lady in first postiion goes all in for 1800. I have 400 in the pot already and look down to see A 4 suited. I really think about this for a while since I’m in the small blind. The big blind asks how much her bet was which lends me to believe he’ll call. I decided descretion is the better part of valor and fold. The blind calls. The woman had AJ and the guy had… something.. i don’t remember. He wins and we are down to 19 people.

I only have 2000 and the blinds are 400 800. From the button I look down and see 66. Chances are someone might get eliminated in the next couple of hands, but I’m short stacked and need to push and hope to get the blinds. I raise all in. It costs the small blind another 1600 to call. He thinks about it long and hard and decides to call. The big blind would have to call 1200 more. The big blind asks what happens if both he and I go out. And since he has more chips than me would he finish ahead of me. He then says fuck it and folds. Thank god, I don’t want to go all in against two people. The big blind shows 33. he thought i had big cards, but it turns out i have him dominated. I double up and on the next hand the two blinds end up all in when they both hit the flop. Neither hit the highest card on the flop though, so that whole hand amazes me… and ray, ask him about it. So we are down to 18.

I’m sitted next to jerome bettis for the 2nd week in a row when it comes down to two tables. The blinds are now 800 1600. From the small blind I go all in with Q 10 off for a total of 3200. the big blind calls with 7 10. I guess he thought I was stealing… which I kind of was. I had decided before the hand started that I would move all in if it was folded to me. Two hands later I knoock out a really old guy when I catch pocket jacks. I’m up to 9300 but the blinds are now up to 1000 2000. And shortly after my blinds are taken from me i’m down to 6300 when the blinds go up to 2000 4000 So I check from the big blind and then move all in after the flop for my last 2300. I had 24 in my hand which gave me a pair of 4s. Unfortunatly a guy who tried to “Call and raise” preflop had a6 suited which gave him a pair of 6s. He won and I was out in 11th.

The tournament director handed my the envolope with $85 in it and starts to tell me where to sign out. Half way through telling me where to sign out he tells me “Ahhh you know the procedure by now”. ILLLLLLLL damn right I do. I’m 4 for 4 at creekside. For some reason that got me so juiced that the TD (tournament director) remembers me… and not because I look weird or don’t wear sleaves.

Ok so here are the new nicknames.
(Also i think that ray and I also need nicknames since we are making ones up for other people.The nicknames should be superficial and fairly obvious. i’m guessing “6 months” for me would be good cause my belly makes me look like i’m 6 months pregnant. “Wish he were gay” for Ray sine he constantly tries to touch and caresse me, but I always slap him away.)

Redneck Uncle – I play cards with him at the fire hall… well not during “huntin” season. He’s also suppose to come over to my house and show me how lay cement but he’s been so busy with his part time dry wall business. Yeah he’s my pop’s brother. we joke that he was born on the southern side of the house but he’s still good people.

Chip or Dale – Dude’s face (specifically his teeth) look like a chipmonk.
Forehead – I know i’m not one to talk but this one guy has one of the larges foreheads known to mankind. And it’s shinny too. It’s kind of distracting when the light bounces off of it and the glare makes it hard to read the flop.
Stutz Sr. – This one old guy reminds me of what Stutz might look like when he gets old. Plus I like the guy as a person, he is friendly. his real name is herman.
Mini Chan – there is this asian guy who is pretty good. He seems like a cool kid, about my age, but there is nothing really spectacular about him that allows me to make a decent nickname for him. So instead I have to go with an almost racist route and related him to another very good asian poker player. On hinesight I think that I should try to find out his real name and then put “the master” at the end of it.
televangelists – There is this old white guy with white hair in that jimmy johnson formation. He looks like a televangelists.
Poker Pornstar – There is this one guy i see at peenbrook that looks like a pornstar.. I don’t know what pornstar since I don’t care about the guys in the movies. All I know are some of the women he’s hit off on camera… which is many.
GWT – There is this loud mouthed Ghetto White Trash kid that I don’t think anyone likes. He also goes by the name “snagletooth”.
Wish he were Raymer – HUGE guy with a red Poker Stars shirt that rides the shit out of his own play.
Drew Bledsoe Crack Head – Name says it all
Brown look alike – Guy looks just like my buddy brown. Just like him.
Corvette – This guy is a skinny, overactive, too many joke making, talk badly about wife, greyish haired guy, who I would bet all of my poker winnings on him owning a corvette. He drives around in it (cherry red) with the sunroof down in an attempt to pick up yonger women (the younger the better as i’m sure he says) as he cruses through town. All of this started 5 years ago when he turned 55 and now he’s trying to recapture he’s youth any way he can. This week poker, next week hang gliding or bungee jumping.
Sonic – The human rendition of sonic the hedghog
Lazy eye Conservative – Looks like a creepy fat conservative christian stereotype out of a spike lee “joint”. This guy also has a lazy eye so i’m guessing his preaching is done on AM radio instead of the christian broadcasting station.
Evil Cloutier – Looks just like T.J Cloutier except has a goatee and made fun of how fat everyone at my table was.
RW II look alike – looks like a slightly younger version of ray’s dad.

This week was unique in and off he fact that the final tables had no one that Ray or I had recogonized from the past 6 weeks. Well ok there was me, but aside from me Evil Cloutier and the converative were both newbies who made it in, and the rest all looked like they were new. Oh wait i’m wrong, as i’m writting this I just remembered that bettis was sitting next to me. So hopefully he won, cause I would ride that. Plus I know six would also.


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