6 for 7

I’m too tired from playing football early today to post a full article, but I thought I would mentioned that I finished in the money at creekside again. So far I have played in 7 of these fire hall tournaments and placed in the money 6 times. That’s a 85% winning percentage. It should also be noted that Ray had quad 5s at one point and played the hand perfectly. I’ll write a long winded description tomorrow, plus there are a couple of new nicknames I need to mention.

Also I was thinking about my responce to Noze’s evolution post, and I realized it might come off as mean or bitter or other wise unfriendly towards Noze. Obviously I ride Noze and hope he plays some FNF (saturday edition) tomorrow. What’s good about Noze is that he can discuss a topic with someone when he has a differing opinion without getting emotionaly involved. A lot of people in this world have an incredibly hard time having a discussion or debate without getting emotionaly worked up. If you look at politics as a whole right now you see it all the time. The republicans act like they hate democrats, and the democrats act like the hate republicans. No one cares about the green party so they could be the exception.

Still so much of politics right now is just mean spirited and judgemental. What I wrote in my responce wasn’t really directed at noze, but more directed at all the people I’ve listened to on TV or Radio who not only think they’re positsion is so strong that they don’t even need to look at the other parties point of view, but they also think that the other side is either stupid, or immoral…. or both.

This nation as a whole has become very divided. I don’t mean that there are just two groups of people either. I mean that for almost every issue there is no common ground, or if there is no one will admit it. The best example of this is the last two presidential elections. When someone voted for Kerry or Gore they were voting for someone who is results driven and perceived as an intellectual choice. When someone voted for Bush it was for wholesome american values and personality. Granted those two statments aren’t entirely true. I’m sure some people voted for bush because they felt that he had a better platform, or some people voted for Kerry cause they identified with them. Still in the end, both sides could not understand why the other side voted the way they did. Not only did they not take the time to understand why the other person voted the way they did, they dismissed that group of people as being either stupid or immoral.

I just hope that once the fighting in Iraq and some of the other problems in this country subside the country as a whole can stop this “us against them” mentality.

On another side note, i’m starting to work on www.pokersoftly.com as a goof off internet site. I want to have funny stuff from the web like videos of stupid teenagers hurting themselves, articles about famous celebrities doing whatever, random humor links, and obligatory hot internet babes. I’ll also have limited poker stuff there as well. Check out www.gorillamask.net to see an example of a similar site to what i’m trying to make.

Leave me some feed back as to what you’d like to see on the site.



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