Walk the Line (and comparisons to Eminem)

I saw the movie “Walk the Line” this saturday. Although I was never a big Johnny Cash fan I still really liked the movie. True stories like that always seems so much more interesting to me than something that is fictional. I think the reason for this is when you watch a fictional movie the choices that a person makes have virtually no down side. If a fictional charachter leaves his current job to tour the country performing magic on the streets… so what. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not real. With these biographical movies you have to put yourself in the charachters posisition. What if that was you and you went for your dream and you missed. The average person forgoes a chance at greatness in favor of the high percentage median life. Some day I would like to see a movie where someone takes his shot and fails and ruins his life. The consolation for the charachter is that he probably doesn’t have any regretts and is glad he doesn’t go through his life wondering what if.

Any ways here are my favorite Johnny Cash songs:

  • I’ve Been Everywhere – I’ve only ever been to Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Mechanicsburg, Pittsburg, Luxemburg, Hamberg …
  • I Walk the Line – Dope rythm that was based off of radio work that cash did in vietnam
  • Ring of Fire – Written by his future wife june Carter
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Compltly fictional song about how he killed a man in Reno and then went to jail. Later he recorded a live albumb from Folsom Prison. I also think it’s money that in 1950 something he wrote the line “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die”.
  • One Piece At A Time – I’m doing this at Bookspan but instead of car parts I take home random romance novels
  • Man In Black – Describes why he wears black all the time. I wish I was badass enough that i could always dress in black.
  • Boy Named Sue – Just a classic example of a storytelling song.
  • Cotton Fields – I actually like the version that CCR does better
  • Midnight Special – Actually johnny Cash didn’t write this.. or sing this but i had just mentioned CCR and it reminded me that I ride this song. Plus it kind of sounds like a song Cash would write or sing. And yes i can call him Cash for short, because we were tight like that.
  • Cry, Cry, Cry – his first hit… Johnny Cash’s first hit, not CCR’s first hit. I’m done talking about CCR.

Latter on I’ll try to upload some of these songs so you can download them and listen to them. A warning though, I’ve been everwhere is kind of slow at the begining. if you listen to some of his songs I really don’t think there is a lot of difference between Johnny Cash and Eminem. Seriously. Cash sang fictional songs about killing people and so does Em. Plus Cash has silly songs like Boy name sue, just like Eminem has silly songs like My name is. then they both have serious songs like cash’s Man in black or walk the line, and eminem has songs like Toy Soliders or Hailie’s Song .

one of the things that made the movie so good in my opinon was the fact that Joquine Phoenix looked, sounded and acted just like Cash. So much so that you didn’t even think it was someone portraying cash. in Ali Will Smith plays the part of Muhamid Ali, you know it’s Will Smith and you constantly think about that, but in Walk the Line, its almost like Johnny Cash plays Johnny Cash. You know, if he wasn’t dead.

Out of all the stuff I said I was going to do this long weekend I think the only thing I did was play poker friday night. *sigh* i gotta get some of that stuff done.



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