Ray is his father’s son

I was going to update the friday night felt message board with the results of last night’s peenbrook fire company tournament, but the site is down right now. Instead I’ll talk about it here.

There were predictions on the FNF forum as to how many FNFers would finish in the money. I guessed that two of us out of the total 4 of us would finish in the money. I was right. Ray and I both finished in the money. There also was a poll on the forum asking who would get knocked out first. I voted for tom, as did tom vote for tom. Once again I was correct. Tom finished in 46th place while six finished in 45th place. They both got knocked out at the same time but six had more chips than Tmace going into the all in.

I ended up in 17th with a payday of $55.00. Once I was out there were 16 people left and six, mace and I gave predictions on where ray would finish. Six said 8th, Tom said 7th, and I said 4th. For the third time that day I was correct. Ray finished in 4th and took down $175 in prize money. Dope job Ray.

Well I can’t speak for how ray got into the money but I can sure talk about me. In the last (and only) 6 tournaments I have finished in the money 5 times. I have a 1st, a 3rd, 2 8ths, and now a 17th. I also have a 31st but that doesn’t win you any money. So far I have won $1040 in prizes and spent $150 on entry fees. That means I am up $890 with a 83% money finish rate. Illlll I’m starting to ride me.

So the tournament starts out with me not playing a hand for close to an hour. I finally get a pocket pair, 77, and raise it to 120. The blinds were 20 and 40, and the big blind called the extra 80. The flop came down 10 10 J. I didn’t play a hand for an hour so during that time I sat back and picked up reads on all the players. This guys reactions were compltly inline with his cards. If he had a good hand he was happy, if he had a bad hand he was dissapointed. Most players try to do the opposite so that their opponenets think they are strong when they aren’ and weak when they are strong. This guy showed weakness when he was weak, and strength when he was strong. I bet 200 after he checks and he lays it down. This brings me up to 1060.

After another hour i’m down to 920 without playing a hand. The blinds are now up to 50 100 and i’ve been moved to a new table. In the corse of 5 hands I steal 3 blinds. Then from the blinds see the flop for free or by limping in and both times take down the pot with a post flop bet when I hit bottom pair. I’m up to 1920 now. I’m in the big blind where it get’s folded around to the small blind who calls the big blind. I look down and see AQ off suit. I raise to 600 (the blinds are 100 200 now). The small goes all in over top of me for another 400 chips. I have to call, and he shows KJ off. I get a queen and take down the pot.

At the break I am moved to Ray’s table and I have 3100 chips. Ray has 4300 chips. Six has 1700 I think, and Tom has 1400. Actually tom should have had 1200 but there was a mix up when they color up the chips. And by mixup Mace told him the total amount of chips he had instead of telling him the amount of chips that were being replaced by higher value chips. So mace 1200 total, but only 1000 in blue red and white chips that were being consolodated into higher value chips. Tom told the guy he had 1200 so he gave him 1200, now tom has 1400. Oh well, nothing like cheating at a charity event.

When I get back from break I’m at rays table but only get to watch 2 hands before I’m moved. The new table is fairly loose so I have to sit back and watch while all of my blinds are raised, and I have nothing to even steal with. The blinds are 400 / 200 so it costs me 600 every time around. I’m down to 1900 when from early position I find a 10 off. Not a good hand, especialy from early posistion. But the blinds are about to hit me again and soon the blinds will be raised to 400 / 800. I need to make a move now so that if I do double up I’m still not short stacked. I raise all in and get two callers. Dags. The flop comes down A J 5. One of the callers moves all in and the other caller folds. I have top pair and the other guy has kQ for a straight draw. He needs one of the remaining three 10s left in the deck to knock me out. He doesn’t get it and i’m up to 6100. And the blinds start to eat away at me again. Normally I can start to pick up chips here by stealing blinds, but I was getting terrible hands, and everyone was raising in front of me, usually with half decent hands.

I’m on the button with 5100 chips when the blinds go up to 800 / 1600. There are 19 people left in the tournament. The big blind only has 2000 total chips. It’s six handed and it is folded to me. I look down and see K 10 off. At a full table this isn’t a good hand. At a short handed table from early position this is not a good hand. Short handed with the big blind almost all in, from the button this is a raising hand. My goal is to isolate the big blind. If I knock him out I’m in the money. If I loose i’m down the 3100 which is bad but not terrible. I start to ask what the big blind has left after the blind. When I do this the small blind looks at her cards and gives a frustrated sigh. I can’t raise to 2000 at this point, I actually have to raise to 3200 since the blind can still call and 2000 total would not be a raise equal to the big blind. I ask everyone if I’m right about this, and as they are agreeing the small blind starts counting out her chips. The small blind has some type of a hand. I don’t know what, but it is either a small to middle pair, or two high cards. She has 4000 total so if I raise to 3200 she would basically be all in if she were to call. I know I should fold since she will likely call the big and hopefully win. Against better judgment I push in the 3200 and hope that the small decides it’s not worth risking her tournament on a marginal hand. She calls. Damn. The big blind surprisingly folds. I’m thinking that maybe if I had gone all in, she would have folded since she would be all in. Right now if she got a terrible flop she could still fold be on the buton and hopefully last till the 19th person is knocked out. Oh well. The flop comes down A J 10. I have bottom pair, but I already know she has an ace. I check and she goes all in for her last 800. With 8800 in the pot I can’t fold. I’m getting 11 to 1 odds. That means it would be worth drawing to a gutshot straight at this point. Which I basically was. I show K 10, and she shows AQ. If I get a K she gets a straight, so my only outs are the two remaining 10s and the 3 remaining queens. Neither come and i’m down to 1100. I’m not worried though cause the small blind is now all in in the dark. I fold and the lady who just doubled up through me takes out the small blind and gets me in the money.

I know that on paper my move was correct, but after seeing the way she reacted to my questiosn I know I should have folded and let her take care of business. Oh well that’s poker. If I had won that hand I would have been up to 9600, and probably on my way to the final table. Instead I find myself short stack but at least in the money. I end up going all in with K4 and bust out in 17th. 18th place went out on the same hand but he only had 1000 chips so he finished be hind me. That is a $10 difference in payout. Yeah me.

Ok I gotta get ready for the day. Later on I’ll post the names of all the new “Charachters” at the pennbrook tournament.



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