Stuff to do this long weekend and stuff i think is pretentious

The other day I was talking with my brother when I made the statment that NPR does one of the most pretentious things ever. In between news commentary they have a lone trumpet fan fare. It’s not one of those happy fanfares like we won a war fanfares, and it’s not a lets take some action and charge that hill with our muskets, and win this war type of fanfares either. It’s just a melancholy sad yet proud trumpet solo. God damn is that pretentious. If you ever heard this thing you would think, why the hell did they just play that? I just realized some of you might not know what NPR is. It’s national public radio. It’s like PBS (The channel that is run by the goverment and has seaseme street on it) but on the radio. In general I like listening to it, but sometimes when I hear that trumpet I just get mad for no good reason. So here are some other things that I think are pretentious.

  • Wine drinkers in college or early 20’s – Now if someone likes wine that’s fine, but if you are hanging out with all of your friends and your buddy wants a bottle or merlote then he’s a snooty asshole. Just suck it up and drink some beer.
  • Pipe Smokers – I just don’t need to go into this one in too much detail.
  • Pocket Watches – Yes I use to have one and now that I look back on it I have to think, why would I want to carry one of those things arround. It is such and inefficent way of telling time. If someone has a pocket watch I first ask them the time, then wait while they dig it out of their pocket, press the button to open it up, read the time and then tell me the time. With a wrist watch all you do is ask the guy, he looks at his wrist and BAM he tells you, so much quicker. In fact if you try hard you can probably see what time it is without even asking a wristwatch guy, just stare at his wrist. Stare at a pocket watch guys pants may land you in jail.
  • Chess – I like to play chess and I even enjoy reading about bobby fisher, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t find it to be very snooty in general. I think that everyone should have a chess set and know how to play, but I don’t think anyone should be really good at it. That’s just dumb. If you are good at chess and your more than 12 years old than you have a problem. If you are some genious child who is a chess wiz… fine, whatever. But if you are hardcore into chess as an adult then my guess is that you sit around smokking your pipe, occasionally checking your pocketwatch to see how much longer you have to wait till that “elegant” “Coronet” solo will play letting you know that NPR is about to air a politcal commentary.

I also feel that people with one spectacle over their eye are pretentious. I’m not sure what that is called but it’s like the person has the lense from one glass and just puts it over his one eye. It’s held in place by constant squinting and a gold chain. I have no idea what it’s called and I have never seen one in real life, but I still feel that I hate anyone who has one. In fact, if I ever see anyone with one of those things, I will poke him in the good eye so that he will need a lense for both eyes and will be forced to get a real pair of glasses.

I also think that people who critisize other people’s spelling are also pretentious.

So what am I going to do with Friday through monday off?

  • Work on biglazypoker – get that bad boy finished and set up the pennbrook and creekside referal sites underneath it.
  • Go to the gym – Stop laughing.
  • Work on – I plan on making this a site kind of like or one of the other similar websites. This is also where I hope to record my blog entrys in the future. Afterall is easier to remember than or what ever this address is.
  • Do a ton of laundry – I need to do a ton of laundry
  • Play some more jetset poker – I really haven’t played much online, what with all the charity work and fund raisers I have to attend on a daily basis.
  • Relaxe – as opposed to what I do every other day when I get home from work.
  • Maybe get into this bittorrent stuff and hit up MININOVA.COM and learn some flash animation and junk like that.

I don’t think I need to mention it, but one of the obvious goals starting tonight will be to finish in the money at the pennbrook fire co. tournament. I placed 31st last week, but won it the week before. The top 18 pay so I was real close last week. If I get that close again with anything over 5000 chips I plan on just coasting to the final two tables.

On a side note, I changed the way the comments are recorded. I did this for two reasons. One I was tired of seeing spam comments on there. Two I wanted to see which of my many many (insert sarcasm) loyal readers were posting the comments. The results so far. Absolutly no comments. It’s not ideal but at least there is no spam.



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