Terrel Ownens prediction

Ok I know everyone will think i’m crazy for throwing this out there, but I think terrel Owens is gay. I don’t mean that as an insulst or anything, i just have a sneaking suspicion that he is a homosexual. Once again, this is not a knock on the guy. When I say that i think he’s gay, I honestly think he likes men and is in the closet and that is why he does so many controversial things to make sure no one ever focuses on it. It would be incredibly hard to be a gay NFL player in the current homophobic climate. So if he attacks garcia for having homosexual tendancies then it would hopefully make people think that T.O would be the last person suspected of being gay.

Granted I have no real proof to base this off of, but I just got a hunch. I can honestly imagine him writting a tell all book 7 years from now when he’s out of the league. in the book he mentions the reason he did all of these headline grabbing things was so that no one focused on his personal life and always focused on his on the field antics and contract squables. Infact he never wanted to stay with any team too long in case they found out.

If i’m right i’m awesome. If i’m wrong then it was just a wild acusation that can be blown off. Tehee I said blown off… ok that was cheap.


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