Poker tonight

Well there’s poker tonight at the creekside volunteer fire company and I feel somewhat apprehensive about it. Here are the reasons why.

  • I had played in three of these type tournaments and finished in the money everytime. Then last week I played really well but finished 13 spots out of the money. So i’m 75% at placing in the money. I really want to go to 80% and not 60%.
  • I’m due for a bad beat. So far I have only been all in two time where I didn’t have the best hand going in. Once I lost and once I won. I haven’t had a bad beat though.
  • I need the money. I just put a ton of money towards paying off all of my old credit card bills from my EDS days. The money in my pocket is basically all I have until I get paid on the 15th. Suficet to say…. or Sufficet to say… or how ever you would spell that word followed by “to say”, I would like to take home another 100+ from this tourney so that I can still ive in the manner in which i’ve grown accustumed.
  • People are starting to recognize me at these things. I don’t want to make a donkey move and look a fool in front of these people. I’ve never been outplayed in any hand (unless it was a bluff I didn’t call and don’t know about) so far and I don’t want to be.
  • I want to crack the top 8 this time since that’s where I finished in both of the previous tournaments there.
  • If anyone else from FNF comes I want them to do real well since as a group we haven’t represented real well so far.

None of these things are distractions in and of themselves but combined they make me a little anxious.

On a side note:
I had a dream last night that I went on a date with the reallly reaallllyyyyy hot Porto Rican chica who was in my training class several months back. I think the combination of her helping out with my current class and the fact that I had some spicy chilli last night led to the dream. Anyway the dream starts off with me walking around with only a t-shirt on waving my big bare naked hairy ass around in an attempt to get a laugh from a large number of people. I recently have come to the conclusion that I am a laughter whore. I love to hear people laugh, especially if it’s because i’ve said or done something funny. Well I’m about to hop into my truck when this crazy hot chick (she kind of looks like stacy dash if it helps with the mental image) hopes into my truck on the passenger side. I decided to put on my jeans because I didn’t want her to see that I have an incredibly small penis (just imagine an acorn resting on top of two walnuts if you want a mental image). I hope into the truck she announces that we are going on a date, and she starts telling me directions to her favorite resturant.

Now one of the funnies things on TV in my opinon is the show Blind Date. The best episodes are the ones where 5 minutes into the date both people can tell that they have no intrest in the other person. In fact what usually happens is everything is cordial at first and then slowly moves towards bickering. Then at some point the guy will make some off hand joke/comment that the woman finds incredibly offensive for some reason and then it progresses into a yelling match.

That’s how this dream went. Why do my dreams suck sooooo bad. Nothing good or exciting happens in them. In fact the only thing unrealisitc about this dream is the fact that this girl wanted to go on a date with me. Every thing else like her rolling her eyes at my jokes, not liking my car, hating the clothes I was wearing, and ultimatly jumping into some strangers car to get away from me is probably what would have happened in real life.

This actually turned into a lucent dream towards the end. That means that you are aware your dreaming and you can actually control the dream on a concious level. This usually happens if your dream becomes to scary, intense, boring, repetative, or if you realize that the only way an incredibly hot woman would go on a date with you is if you were dreaming. So here is the funny part, I have complete control over my dream and I was so disapointed with the way things were going that I decided to just wake up and maybe go to work a little bit early. Instead of snapping my fingers and making a pool full of playboy playmates appear, I decide instead to wake up and return to the sad pathetic life that is waiting for me in the waking world. Oh it was also 4:45 so I had to go back to sleep again anyway which made it even more stupid of a decision.

I hate myself…. unless I win some money tonigh.
Pops Pennbrook


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