Creepy Angels

At one point today during a meeting one of my co-workers mentioned the term gaurdian angel. Well i’m not sure if it was actually mentioned or not but I was really bored so I started thinking about gaurdian angels and what their job must be like. I wonder if they work in shifts or if they get assigned to more than one person. What about when the person they are watching has to take a dump. Do they excuses themselves for that. I mean if these things are real angels do you think they would want to watch someone drop the kids off at the pool? But they should still stay there just incase the person has an anurism while on the thrown. Or maybe that’s the reason people die. Maybe it’s because those gaurdian angles droped the ball for a moment and thier person got smited somehow.

So who would want to be a guardian angel? I’ll tell you who. Stalkers. Yep my theory is all those creepy guys.. and i guess physcho women, who obssese over someone for no good reason end up as gaurdian angels. They stalk someone on earth, die, go to heaven cause their mormons or something, need to get a job once in heaven, Gaurdian angel looks good, get assigned to some mortal, watch him or her for a while, start to get tired of watchiing every single thing they do, take a break to get a danish, BAM, mortal gets hit by a truck, mortal goes to heaven or hell, stalker angel gets reassigned.

It’s the circle of life.


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