Tommy Lee theory

Right now I am reading Jenna Jamesons autobiography. And why I say the word “read” I do in fact mean that I am reading the text of the book, and not just browsing through the random pictures of her naked. To tell you the truth the book would probably be better off without all the naked pictures of her because then people might focus on the story instead of focusing on her sweater puppies.

In her book she talks about how she has hooked up with a couple of celebrities. All of the celebs she mentions all had a big penis, even howard stern. I had also recently heard on the radio (99.3 kiss morning mess) that there are photos of jeff probsts the host of survivor and he has a huge schlong. In fact everytime I have heard a celebs name mentioned in connection with penis size, it has always been a positive reference. I have never heard that such and such celebrity was hung like a mouse.

So that brings me to the title of my post, The Tommy Lee Theory. As many of you know Tommy Lee is known for being hung like a horse. If you need proof just google the pam and tommy video. Well my theory is that people in the lime light by in large have bigger penises than the average american male. The reason why is because to put your self in the lime light takes a lot of confidence. One thing that will give you a lot of confidence is having a python in your boxers. Not only does it give those people with a big penis confidence to put them selves on stage, but the theory also forces those with small penis size to hide back stage.

If someone has a small penis than no mater what social situation they are in they have to constantly think about the fact that if their pants some how fell down everyone would see their little dong. This forces the tiny wanged to keep themselves out of situations where large numbers of people might gather to watch them and possibly view their tiny tiny penis. So if someone is a great musician but has a small penis do you think he would want to be on stage in front of tens of thousands of people. What if one of his band mates pants him but accidentally takes the boxers or briefs down too. Now he will be world famous for having the small dick of anyone with a number one selling albumb.

And in short that is my tommy Lee Theory.



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