9 minutes

Well i got ninner minutes before my next meeting, so let’s see what i can get in real quick.

First, I’d like to mention that I watched ER for the first time in over 3 years last night. I was somewhat familiar with the charachters but I didn’t know a lot of their personality. But the reason i watched the episode was because when I turned it on i saw Ray Liotta in the Waiting room. He looked all druged out and i though “Man there is nothing better that a druged out rayliotta charachter.” And of course I wasn’t dissapointed by the storyline of liotta’s charachter, and alcholic father that went to jail and was now dying. Very good story and great directing and writting that reminded mye of why i started watching the show in the first place. However next week has special guest star…. Tony Danza. Christ, how do you go from Ray Liotta to Tony Danza. God damn that’s a terrible drop off.

Predictions for tonight. My guess is that Kevin and Six do well in the hardware bar/lingerei tournament but kid knocked out on bad beats and finish short of first place. My prediction for me is that I squeek into the money but don’t make it to a final table this week. But I have a feeling that ray will get a chip lead early and coast to a final table and end up in.. ummm. let say 5th. he;s finally knocked out when he goes all in pre flop with AK against 10 10 but looses the race.

this weekend I have a bunch of crap to do, but I am juiced cause stutz is supposed to come up and do something. I don’t think the weather is going to be great or I would suggest that he, ray, t-mace, and I hit up adventure sports like we have in the past. Illllll I ride mini golf, especially since i’m John Daily when we play.

ok I got two minutes left so I’m going to publish this bad boy and head over to the meeting room.



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