F*cked up dreams.

i know a lot of people who tell me they hardly ever dream. Well i’m the opposite, I always dream and usually remember most of the dreams. So last night I had a series of some of the weirdest non related dreams. It’s kind of like Pulp fiction where you see all of these little pieces of dreams and then it splices to gether at the end, except with me it never comes together.

My dream started out with me and rocco traveling to canada so that we could hit up Vegas. In this dream Vegas had been moved to Canada. Where in canada is not important since it’s basically all the same up there. The dream gave me no indication as to why Vegas had been moved to Canada it was just one of those weird understood facts that exsits only in f’d up dreams. Canadan Vegas looked a lot like the Vegas from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for some reason. I was up a couple thousand playing a poker tournament that was supposed to be comparable to the World Series of Poker, but no body really took intrest in. Kind of like when the XFL was started and they though they could compete with that. Well I didn’t win the tournament but I was at least at the final table. I walked around Canadan Vegas (Canas from now on) with Rocco, and a small entourage of people who thought I played poorly and just got lucky on some all ins.

Some how Rocco and I ended up in prison because we had commited some type of crime. I don’t know what we did but it couldn’t have been that bad since I wasn’t really that motivated to leave. I was hoping to stay in prison a little longer so i could grow a beard, but Rocco had something to do that week so I left prison and got all of my ID’s so I could go back into prison and go infront of the parol board. I acted pissy during this part of the dream because I wanted to stay the extra 6 months in prison so I could toughen up and by my logic get some women when I get out of prison. My logic was that women like bad boys.

After leaving prison I ended up at hotel, or an apartment. I think it was an apartment I was thinking of renting now that I was part of society again. For some reason One of the rooms had a bunch of aerosale cans that you could use as a little mini flame thrower if you had a lighter in front of it. I then got the idea of puncturing the cans so that al the fumes would leak out and i could throw a match in the room and create a really cool fire ball. I was all for the idea until I realized I had no fire extingisher, and that even if I did, the explosion might rip the house in half. I didn’t feel like explaining the missing and chared room to the tennants so I opened some windows and left the house so that i could arrive at the reality show on time.

Some how I was on a reality show where me and some minor celebrities had to float down a sewer river that crocodiles and sharks. There were boogie boards you could ride to protect your self though. Some how a shark bit off both of Richard Hatch’s legs. (Dreamers Note: Richard hatch was the big naked gay guy who won the first survivor) No one believed him eventhough there was a ton of blood every where and his legs were gone. I made it to this old rusty ladder and cato calin threw a water ballon at my pants right before I was about to open it.

This one water baloon completly drenched my pants to the point that they were clinging to my body. this made it real easy to see the outline of my penis which was huge. (Big tell that this was a dream). All the girls were turned on and the guys were jelous. In fact Janet Jackson (Mid 90s version) was so impressed that she flashed me on the spot. I had mixed feelings about that since I was pumped that she was flashing me, but I remembered that flashing people is nothing new for her.

After i left the sewer i ended up in the backseat of the car of this engaged couple that were just in my training class. They wanted me to go clubbing with them and I had apparently said yes. Half way through the ride I realized that I really didn’t like these people or the place they were going so I just hoped out of the car. So now that i’m out of the car me and the rest of the tour group i’m with are trying to figure out what part of the Taj Mahal we were in. We had some how got seperated from the rest of the tour group when we went past the tour group. (Dreamers Note: I am refering to the food court in the real Taj Majhal not the Taj in AC, Like for some reason I am suddenly over seas in a tour group)

Since we couldn’t find the rest of the tour group we decided to sit in on a local Jury. At this point the tour group had turned into a rock band managed by me and all the non hot chicks from my last training class. one of the unfamiliar faces on the jury was also the person being sued so we kicked her out and made her sit in front of the judge.

Then I woke up incredibly confused.



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