Stuff to do

Ok It’s my lunch break at work so I decided I better write down my to do list for this week. Usually when I have a training class going on they monopolize all of my time, and I don’t do much of anything outside of work. But my class just ended last week so this week I can start to be productive. So below are the things I have to, or at least, want to do this week.

  • Work at work – Yeah I still got to do that every day.
  • Time Share thing – one of the women in my department told me about how she went to this time share presentation and she was given all kinds of free stuff, one of which was a two night trip to vegas or orlando. So She is going to give me the info so I can watch some boring presentation for two hours, say no to buying time shares, and then get the free trip to vegas.
  • Look at apartments on the west shore – Well the current plan of me moving into Bob’s old apartment seems to be loosing steam, so I’m going to check out some apartments here on the white shore that would be closer to where I work. Hopefully i can find something a little cheaper, with comparable size, and hot hot female neighbors who hate to wear clothes when they ask to borrow sugar.
  • Exercise – Two years ago i went on some insane all consuming fitness kick where I lost 50 pounds and ran a triathlon, then I started playing poker and that became all consuming so i spent all my free time doing that instead of working out. Now i need to start to balance the two together. Plus I only got like 7 months to drop some weight before wedding season, and if the movie “Wedding Crashers” taught me anything it’s that sad pathetic guys living at thier mom’s house can hit off incredibly hot women, as long as they have great timing and the women are emotionaly vunerable.
  • Finish in the money at creekside – If i can finish in the money for a third straight week I will feel that my last two money finishes were not flukes. Plus i want to get a large a bankroll as possible before i go on my vegas vacation.
  • Refrain from using the term “Vegas Vacation” – if I do get those free tickets including hotel accomodations, then I will probalby so juiced that i’ll want to talk about the vacation, but at the same time the term “vegas vacation” reminds everyone of chevy chase and probably then reminds them of how far hist star has fallen since the early 80’s



2 thoughts on “Stuff to do

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