Nip / Tuck & other stuff

Last night I watched a money episode of Nip Tuck. I like the show even though it really doesn’t surprise me with any of the twists and surprises from the last three seasons. When I was younger I use to watch a TON of tv. As I’ve gotten older for some reason I have stoped watching as much TV or at least they type of TV I watch has changed. I remember even in highschool there was always at least one or two primetime shows each day that I had to watch. I was a big fan of ER, all of the TGIF shows, Seinfeld, SNL, Real World, and pretty much every sitcom I thought was funny. Right now there are a couple of sitcoms I think are funny, but I just never watch them. In fact the only TV I watch are football games (which sometimes I don’t even get a chance to watch) poker (which I really haven’t watched at all this year), and some of the new dramas on Fox and FX. I think it’s interesting that my interests have switched from the wacky zany antics of prime time sit coms to the gritty dramas that are considered cutting edge and inovative. I also think it’s interesting how ESPN and FX and

So here are a list of some of the shows I ride the shit out of, even if they ended up being cancelled.

  • The Shield – This is one of the best shows on TV. When this show first came out if was realy unique to have an Anit-Hero to root for. Over the 4 years the show has been on tv, your view of Vick Macky keeps waving back and forth. Sometimes he’s a good guy other times he’s just evil. This show is all about shades of grey. Plus there are so many charachters that are fully developed that you don’t get bored with story lines. Here are my guesses for plot line for the next season. More trouble with Vick And Corine. One of the strike team members Die. New captain… blah blah blah. Asivada gets involved in some really shaddy political stuff, maybe needs help from mackey or some one else at the station. There will be at least one, but probably two episodes that are just focused on some kickass thing the strike team does, that is not bad, but not good, just somewhat comical, like when they “kidnapped” the starting guard that was playing against the lakers.
  • Nip/tuck – I thought this was going to be a good show based soley on the number of incredibly hot women that are on the show. The story lines in it are surprisingly good though. I will admit that most of the surprised i’ve seen comming, including the revelation that christian is the father of julia’s son. I mean they looked so much alike on the show it’s scary. So here is my guess for who the “Carver” is. Christian’s girlfriend, the hot porn star played by kelly carlson… who’s charachter’s name i think is Kimber. You could easily explain some kind of pyscho need to make people ugly blah blah blah, plus I think they have hinted at it a recently as two episodes ago when the cop was seducing christian and she was just standing over the bed.
  • Tilt – I like the idea of underground – shaddy element that use to dominate poker, and Vegas. While I’m sure there is very little of this any more, I love the charachters even if the card play is a little far fetched. Two of my favorite TV moments happened on this show, that I think really shows how far ESPN has progressed pass most other networks when it comes to making dramas. 1. Carter (the black poker player) ends up with Miami (The hot white chick poker player) instead of ending up with Eddie Towne which would have been the disney version. 2. When henry nickle confronts the Matador in the bathroom cause the police escort set it up for the matador to get his ass kicked, Matador wins the fight. They don’t show the fight but they show a bruised nickle return home to his kids, and an unscratched Matador on the news. Psossible future plot lines. Eddie twon gets distracted by all of the hollywood and news and everything else that he looses focus on his game. Miami and carter have a baby or married or something. Carter’s ex-friends/business partners come crawling back to him cause they lost everything. Some new hot shot shows up and takes a run at eddie now that eddie is at the top of the poker world. The madator puts a contract out, or comes for revenge against nickle or any of the poker players.
  • PlayMakers – This was one of the BEST shows ever as far as i’m concerened. Everything on the show was compltly realistic. The young arrogant supperstar battling against the legendary veteran. Steriods. Drug use. Night life, and child support. Embattled coaching staff. Two things about this show real stood out to me. The end of the season was great because once again it wasn’t the disney ending. They battled back one the game they needed to, but their arch rivals also won which knocked them out of the playoffs. The second thing, would be the episode where they focused on the gay wide receiver. That was such a good episode cause some of the “good guys” were so homophobic, while some of the “bad Guys” supported him. Plus the practice where some players beat the hell out of him but others stood up for him, show probably what would really have happened. It’s such a shame that the NFL convinced ESPN to cancell the show because it cast a negative image on the game. This is a shame especially since everything on the show is a problem on one team or another. Here is my hypothetical plot line for the 2nd season of play makers. Coach is let go, new hyper intensive coach hired, who has… sex addiction or some problem. The veteran gets traded along with the wide receiver who go to the arch rival team and nock them out of the 1st week of the playoffs. One of the players has AIDS. QB controversy with hot number 1 pick… out of Tech State. Tell me that wouldn’t be a money season.
  • 24 – I was not a fan of 24 the first time I saw it, but once I got into the charachter of Jack Bauer I was hooked. I never watched the show till the third season, and when I did I was reluctant because i hate jumping onto a band wagon. After the third season ended I rented the first two seasons and would watch 6 episodes at a clip. This was a great way to watch it, except that sometimes the tranisitions (espeically from night to day) between episodes is kind of off. You really can’t tell unless your watching them back to back though. Jack Bauer is my favorite charachter on TV. Vick Mackey is 2nd. Possible season 5 story lines. There will of course be some time of terrorist threat. This time I think that it will all be a huge smoke screen to divert attention away from the real threat which actually happens and there is a terrible event that leads to a to be continued in season 6. Or, Ex-President Palmer is kidnaped and they go to jack bauer to do something off the books. Or, Jack is some how captured eventhough people think he’s dead, or someone uses his identity and does some bad stuff.
  • American Chopper – I’m always amazed at the work they do. It is fun to watch them build the bikes, and to watch them yell at each other. Pimp my ride is another favorite in the same vein as this, but I’m made at Xzibit. That’s because on every albumb cover he looks all hard and angry, but on the show he can’t stop giggling and cracking jokes.

Basically Fox/Fx has the best shows. I think a cool idea for a show would be a struggling actor, or maybe a porn actor that is too old. I think with the amount of mainstream attention porn is getting now, having a story of an actor/actress who has to turn to a porn movie or two which in turn ruins any other carrer she choices would be kind of interesting. Like the charachter can’t get a job, has all of these bills, does one scene in a movie to pay off some bills, then lands a job on a soap or something, there is drug use, fighting with cast, gets a big break, then the scene comes back to haunt her/him. More stuggling, and then family finds out, ruins relationships, later on has to make a decision to do more porn work, or switch to an office job, or starve as an actor. Obviously there would need to be a room mate that has his/her own problems. Maybe steals from the main charachter, has gambling problem, drug problem. An agent would also help as far as additional story lines. There could even be multiple agents. The legit industry agent who can’t find him/her any work, and then the sleazy porn agent who is making all of these great offers. A romantic instrest would be good especially when at a party someone recognizes the guy/girl from her porn scene. Illlllllllll. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that show, especially since there would be a ton of hot women on the show.



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