More random Stuff

Today Sucks, and here’s why.

  1. Rocco offered to go to AC today but I have to work. He suggested I call off work sick, but I told him I haven’t missed a day of work in 2 and a half years so i’d rather keep my streak alive. Plus the last time I called off from work, when I came back the next day I had to fire someone cause they did something stupid while I was away. So instead of playing poker at the Taj I’m fielding questions from my training class.
  2. One of the people in my training class is soooooo slow. She is asking me questions that were covered in week 1 (today is first day of week 4) and that everyone else knows by heart at this point. This wouldn’t be so bad if every time she asked a question she didn’t make a “Do you smell that” face, and whisper the question instead of speaking at a audible level.
  3. There is a semi hot girl in my class who I think might be pregnant. I really don’t care if she is or isn’t pregnant, but I just want to know if she is or isn’t. Everytime she leans back in her seat a certin way you can see a little buldge that makes me think she is 3 or 4 months along. It just like when you can’t remember the name of a song and it drives you crazy eventhough finding the answer isn’t really that important once you get the answer.
  4. I’m really hungry. I made some kick ass chilli this weekend and it’s just sitting at home waiting for me to heat it up in celebration of the st. louis Indianapolis Game. Of course even if I had the chilli here (made with sour cream, cheese, ground beef simmered with 3 different kinds of peppers and a big red onion, diced tomatos, and kidney beans) I couldn’t eat it for lunch since i’m affraid of public bathrooms.
  5. That insanley hot Spanish girl is helping out with my class today, and she isn’t sweating me at all. Dag. On a side note her ass (the source for 85% of her hotness) looks sooooo good today. She looks like Stacy Dash if you are trying to form a mental image.
  6. Hot married chick didn’t sweat me either today.
  7. I’m having difficulty paying attention to my stutdents questions. For a trainer this is probably a really bad thing.

But some good things are:

  1. Started a 2nd blog for the christopher Walken Stuff, well actually it’s just a bunch of links right now, but i want to try and drive traffic from it to my shirts at
  2. Made some new kick ass FNF shirts. &
  3. Get to see hot spanish girl today.

Ok back to work.
– lazy


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