Poker update

Originally I started this blog to track all of my poker winnings… and loosings, but lately I’ve been using this as an out let for all of the random incoherant thoughts that run wild through my brain on a daily basis. In general I have scaled back on my poker playing. I don’t know why. I think I was just overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff going on at work and home. Ihaven’t even been watching the WSOP on espn this year.

But I think I’m back. At this moment honest to god, worm just told mike that women are the rake, and mike just called him out on the fact that it’s not a real saying. Now they are driving to AC as i’m sitting here playing two .25/.50 tables at jet set. Right now i’m building up my rake, but last night, I was ll about getting an instant pay day. That pay day, although not a big pay day, came from a local fire company tournament.

The tournament was held in Camphill. It was a $25 buy in with 101 people playing and 15 places paying. I went there with ray, but also ran into tobey who works with me. Tobey played well and finished in 30th, Ray in 20th, and I finished in 8th, and won $110.00. I was pretty happy with my play especially since every time I was all in, I was ahead in the hand, and every time I got lucky it was only cause someone was short stacked and didn’t cost me much, or I they were short stacked and called my blind steal. I also made some money bluffs, and I think my reads were spot on.

Here are some of my memoriable hands.

  • Blinds 40/80 1700 in chips 8 handed 4th to act. I had raised preflop three times in the last 15 hands, twice taking down the pot right there, and once taking the pot down with a continuation bet after I missed the flop. I was getting te feeling people were doubting the validity of my raises. The plus side to this is that if I get good pocket cards I could raise and probably have people chase or try and bluff me since they might be thinking I have a weak hand. Well the deal comes out and the guy first to act raise it to 240. A couple of folds, and I look down and Find AA. This is a good start. I thought about re-raising, but I thought I’d rather risk trying to double up after the flop, vs just getting that guys 240. In a tournament like this, you need to double up any time you get aces. So I smooth call and hope either someone raises, or no one else calls. Well I get my second wish and me and that guy head to the flop heads up. The flop is 7 10 7. Not a bad flop, but not a good one either. The guy under the gun raise to 200. I ponder what hand he has, and decide to find out right now. I raise to 400. He thinks and then goes all in. This would put me all in except for 350 chips. The obvious hand for the jeff foxworth impersinator sitting accross from me to have is 10 10. It matches all of his actions up to this point. I talk to him to try and get a read on him. He talked back and made a joke. In my experience if someone makes a joke, or talks back they are trying to discurage a call by showing how relaxed they are. If they sit there quitely they are trying to do anything to keep from scaring you off. But his reraise really throws me off. So i’m thiking he either has qq, jj, kk, or 10 10. I annonunce that I know you have the 10 10, but I make the call. The main reason i make the call is so that from this point on no one things I’m playing shity hands, and I can’t laydown aces in case it’s a bluff. Well I call, and turn over my aces. He turns over A J off. he had no pair or draw. He just made a great bluff, although you can argue how good of a bluff it was based on the fact that I called, and eventually knocked him out.

With blinds at $25 / $50 why the hell would mike raise to $1000 with KK. That is 20x the Big Blind. Well Teddy KGB reraised to $5000, and watches mike go all in. Now teddy folds which makes me think, what the hell was he re-raising with, that he was willing to lay down 3 to 1 odds. I love this movie.

  • The next big hand comes for me with the blinds at 200 – 400, and with only 1100 in chips I’m getting frustrated watching a very aggressive table raise every pot preflop. I haven’t had a pocket pair aside from 22 which i folded preflop, and the highest card i’ve seen since the break is a Q with a lowly 4 with it. I’m 2nd to act and get dealt 88. Only one move for me and that is All in. My goal here is to double or tripple up allthough I’ll be happy with the blinds if that’s all I get. Well two people fold and another short stack goes all in for 1400. The table captain with all the chips who has been raising almost every pot calls and shows 33. That’s good for me, but now i’m worried when the other all in guy shows a9 of clubs. I have one of the clubs as does the aggresive guy that kind of looks like the guy who played the incredible hulk in the latest movie, and hector in the movie troy. Well flop comes down 7 K 8. I flop a set but the k and 7 are clubs. Damn. The turn is King not of clubs, so I have full house and the winning hand. The river is the Ace of spades. Thinking he lost since he didn’t get the flush, he left an I collected the main pot and the 33 guy took the 600 not really thinking about what was on the board. The semi hot chick sitting beside me mentions that the guy walking away paired his aces, and is still in this thing. So we call him back over and he feels kind of dumb for walking away from the winning hand, although he only has 600 left. I now have 3900. And am in much better shape.

Mike just hoped in a cab and headed off for the airport so he can catch a plane out to vegas.

  • I steal a blind from the small blind and i’m up to 4100 when I’m dealt AA again. Now i’m 2nd to act with blinds about to go up I know that I need to get all my chips into the pot with this hand. I’ve only played one hand at this table, which was my all in. So no one really knows my betting pattern yet. Plus a couple of these players look wild, so I decide to just double the big blind. This should be a huge tell to a lot of people, but the woman who was then chip leader didn’t notice this and calls. Everyone folds including the blinds. The flop comes 2 8 K. My hope if the woman paired the King, and she might reraise my continuation bet of 1600. Instead she just calls. The turn is an 8. I decide to go all in for 1800 more just to chase out any crazy draws. The woman calls and shows KJ. I’m still worried and don’t have a good feeling, and then I see the Jack of spades hit the river. Everyone does the awwwwww bad beat moan, and I get up and start to gather my things. Just then That jeff foxworthy impersonator Stops me and says you have two pair with the 88 on the board. Everyone else is like… Oh yeahhh. I thank the guy, sit down and rake in 8500 chips. The woman and everyone else mentions that they had no idea I had Aces. They thought it was some amazing play on my part, I thought it was pretty run of the mill.

Right now Crash Davis is telling annie savoigh, what he believes such as long slow deep kisses that last three days. … and the designated hiter should be outlawed. FYI I am getting rivered and turned like crazy on Jet Set right now.

  • I’m in the big blind for 800 When I’m dealt Q9. The small blind folds and it’s just me and the woman who doubled me up. She had called from under the gun so she might have a good hand, but then again, she is kind of loose. The flop comes down 7 8 10, giving me an open ended straight. I bet 1600 and she calls. 6 of hearts comes on the turn giving me a straight and possibly giving her a flush draw. I bet 2500, and she lays it down. She tells me later she had two hearts, so i’m happy with my bet. This brings my total to 12000 and now I can cost into the money now that only 18 are left. I don’t know if a heart would have hit or not but it wasn’t worth risking it at that point.

Well nuke just gave up a home run after crash told the hitter the heat was comming. I admire nuke’s desire to announce his pressence with authority but he needs to throw grounders, they are more democratic.

  • Well it’s now down to 8 and i only have 5000 left and am under the gun. I was up to 16000, but had two larger stacks to act after me, so I couldn’t push the action too much and I lost two races against short stacks. That’s why i got down to 5000 and now i’m looking at Ace 3 of clubs with the blinds at 4000 – 8000. I push all in and everyone folds except for the big blind…who couldn’t even though he wanted to with his 4 6 off. Well needless to say a 4 came on the river and he won with his pair of fours, and I leave with an envelope with $110 and 8th place written on it.

I’m getting very shitty cards on jet set right now, but at least I’m watching Bull Durham to pick my spirits up. Man I could use a rain out on jet set right now, but instead i’ll watch crash create one in one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Ok I’m down $20 on jet set over the last 323 hands so i’m going to try and go on a run.. or just quit.



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