Dope Ideas

More dope Ideas

  • A website/service that will text message you or email you with traffic conditions that would affect your drive to work. If there are substantiall delays alternate routes will also be emailed to you. I thought of this while driving to work and realized that i didn’t get the traffic report until it was too late.
  • FNF should stop playing so many tournaments against each other and should instead go to big tournaments in the local area like the ones the fire companies hold. Kind of like Dutch Boyd’s crew. Plus we can track the results on the fnf home page.
  • The theory of evolution should be concidered a law. Which means that people can’t keep comparing it equally to the theory or intellegent design. Intellegent design has NO scientific backing while Evolution has only scientific backing. I don’t think we should discuss why we should not discuss intellegent design in school but instead discuss why would we ever want to teach anything other than evolution.
  • All of the lesser watched sports should combine their viewing audience by combining their sports into a new hybrid. Imagine the combination of bowling, bull riding, hockey. You could have a bull bouncing around on the ice while skater try to roll their bowling balls past goalies with big iron pins as their defense. If we can add darts to this some how we will be able to take over the NFL.

That’s all for now.


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