Man crushes

Ok this will be by far the gayest post I ever put on here. Well I hope to god this is the gayest post I ever put on my blog. I was hanging out with rocco last night and was watching a couple DVDs. The first one was the SNL best of with Christopher Walken, and the 2nd was Jet Li’s new DVD “Unleashed”. We started talking about our respective Man Crushes. A man crush just means that you like everything about a guy and you kind of wish you would hang out with the guy or maybe be that guy. The crush does not have any sexual conotation though. That being said I present my current man crushes.

  • Christopher Walken – Something about his voice instills hilarity. Possibly the funniest SNL sketch ever is the Cowbell Sketch. If you need to you can do a google search for it. The reason it was so funny was that christohper walken was in it, but so was Will Ferel.
  • Will Ferel – He is able to completly sell a charachter which makes his comedy so perfect. If you compare his charachter in old school and the charachter in Anchorman they are very different, but he does a great job of making you think of those charachter as a unique individuals and not charachters played by Will Ferel. But they both have that underlining stupidity that makes it such a loveable charachter. Plus he was the only saving grace on SNL for a while, and his Bush impression during the Bush Gore Debates were pricless. One Word “Strategery”
  • Jet Li – First lets get this out of the way. H won the kumatai at age 18. The kumatai is that underground fighting martial arts tournament that was featured in that jean claud van dame movie .. blood sport.. i think. The one where he fights that huge/semi fat chinnese guy, and his best friend during the fight is that big trucker looking dude with the bushy beard. Forrest whittacker is in this movie as a goverment agent, but mostly just ads some comic reliefe when it comes time for a montage. Wow I got off track. Jet Li also has some of the best fight scenes and overal best action movies. His first real american exposure was in Lethal weopen 4 where he was a villian and just kicked everyones ass. After that he did a bunch of movies, some of which where made in asia but re dubbed and released over here. If you want to see how money Jet Li is, get the movie Kiss of the Dragon. He has a dope fight with this huge black boxer dude which is money. But at one point he takes on a room full of french police who are practing karate with billy clubs. He takes out about 30 of these guys with out breaking much of a sweat. Then he fights these arian race looking brothers (one fast, on big) and kills them both with some crazy fighting. Rent it, love it.
  • Morgan Freeman (a.k.a older version of Denzel) – Last night I uttered the phrase “Morgan Freeman is so wise”. Almost every charachter he’s played has had some sort of great insight into life. Red in Shawshank Redemption, This blind guy in Unleashed, The old black guy in Glory where he has that heart to heart with a very young and arigant soldier played by Denzel. God in bruce allmighty. Played a dope detective or lawyer in those two ashley Judd movies, and in along came a spider. He does the best voice over naration. His acting is great. I’m sure he was a pimp when he was younger. What isn’t there to like about the guy.
  • Denzel Washington – While he is still one of my man crushes he stock has been plumeting lately. I think I’m just tired of being moved every time I watch one of his movies. I think he needs to do a comedy. Just a stupid cheesy comedy. Or better yet, he needs to do some cameo’s in a ben stiller movie, or a will ferel movie, or better yet a vince vagn movie.
  • Vince Vaughn – Ever since the movie “swingers” I have had a man crush on this guy eventhough no one else saw his potential at that time. His ability to speak in rapid fire, with humorous results has lead him to his rise over the last 5 years. Top 5 Vince Vaughn movies. 1. Old School 2. Wedding Crashers 3. Dodge Ball 4. Swingers 5. Made.
  • Edward Norton – All I need to do is list his movies. Rounders, American History X, fight Club, Red Dragon, Italian Job, The Score, 25th hour. As an added bonus HE WAS DATING SALMA HAYEK.

Granted I have had some other man crushes over the years like Joe Montana, Tom Rathman, Joe Montana, Tarintino, Adam Sandler, Goldberg, Stan Lee, the combination or chris farley and david spade, Artie Lang, Norm McDonald, Mitch Hedgberg, but these are my current man crushes. And before you ask, no I would not sleep with any of them.



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