I think I hate religion and smart people

Man that sounds like a stupid title for an entry, and well… it is I guess. If you look in the upper right hand corner there is a button that allows you to surf other blogs at random. There are so many blogs by religious people and then also blogs by intellegent liberals. So why do i think i hate religion and smart people? I’m not sure if it is a real hate or if it is just an indeference that I have towards someone who has an obsessive singular focus. So let me re-phrase my opinions. I think I hate people who have no depth, and can only view a topic/problem/situation from one point of view.

For instance there are a lot of people out there who could be labled religious fanatics. People who every conversation has to relate back to their beliefes. Usually it’s not just a matter of their personal beliefs but also how what they believe corresponds to what other people believe say or do. These people are an obvious example of someone who has this single mindeness that I find troublesome. Is this always bad? Of course not. Some people dedicate their life to helping the poor, and everything they do revolves around that. That is great. But there are also people with strong religious convictions that blind them from other ways of thinking. Those that rely on blind faith even in the face of logic and science.

This doesn’t mean I’m agaisnt religion. In fact up until highschool i had decided I was going to become a pastor. Then as I went through catholic high school (I was lutheran at the time) I started to learn the differences between most of the popular religions. Most religions have the same core values that are designed to create a better life for the believer and everyone else. The problem I started to notice was that these values were over shadowed by the factioning of the religions. This means instead of realizing that a Jew and a Catholic both want the world they live in to be a better place, the catholic may only view the Jew as being part of an “outside group that killed jesus”. It’s almost like with sports teams, where you have people who root for different teams. Well some people are so obssessed with their team that if they meet someone who roots for their team’s rival, they instantly hate that person. This is an extream and in most cases someone who is a yankee fan can get along with a Bosox fan with nothing more than a little ribbing. But those people who’s only thought in life revolves around their team/religion/whatever are the ones who give stuff like religion a bad image.

I think this is the worst when it is someone of high intellegence that has these narrow focuses. This is because these people often influence and even dictate the actions of those with like minds. If you look at polotics, especially on tv, you will see two people often facing off against each other arguing their points. Usually both people are highly intellegent but are unable to open up to the idea that thier way of thinking may not be correct, or even just not the best. Then people see this on tv and get the “us vs.them” impression. since neither talking head is able to view the problem or resolution from thier counter parts point of view then the people at home align them selves with whoever fits closes to their views and form a completly negative view of the other side.

I think this is one of the reasons why you have arbitrary distinctions like “liberal” and “conservative”. Often you are supposed to be just one or the other, and if you fall to one side you are supposed to follow all of the beliefs that the rest of that side follows. If you don’t your one of them. Us vs Them.

This is why I will be interested to see how the next presidential campaign unfolds. I’m sure that the liberals and conservatives will disagree on issues, which is fine. I also bet that liberals and conservatives will not even recognize what the other side feels important.

Ok I gotta get some work done.


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